The criminal jargon. The cases of using zoonim lexical substandard units


Metelskaya E.V.

Astrakhan State University


The phenomenon that reflects the characteristics and specificity of the criminal subculture, its degree of organization, hierarchy, its professionalism, is without any doubt, a language which, among the other definitions, is called criminal jargon.

Criminal jargon is not only Russian phenomenon, and it is not only a phenomenon of the modern era. You can meet this language almost in any lingvoculture, in any society where there is the criminal strata and the criminal community.

The language of the criminal representatives is inexpressive, illogical and inconsistent. It has also a great emotional intensity and expressiveness.

The language of the antisocial groups has mixed lexics, which is used both in criminal and common vocabulary, and it is very easy to pass from one to another it depends on the situation.

Zoonim lexical substandard units are the components of substandard world where the man is the object of the evaluation expression. At the present stage the research of the new scientific anthropocentric paradigm development of substandard lexics gets the basic value. The Lexical Substandard Units analysis and their representation in languagesystem is one of the actual directions in modern linguistics.

The structure of criminal jargon includes a large number of zoonim lexical substandard units. The names of the animals are very colorful and they serve in order to define the criminal specialties and hierarchy among the prisoners, to denote the workers of the law enforcement agencies and for the persons description.

The lexical structure of criminal jargon due to zoonim substandard units can be divided into several thematic groups.

The thematic group The moral qualities is the most numerous. The prisoner who steals the food or things from his co-prisoners gets the name rat (). "Rats - the lowest class in the criminal hierarchy. The zoonim lexical substandard units hen () and bitch () also mean traitor, informer.

The word reptilian () describes the man who argues against the moral principles. The criminal jargon has the set expression to ask as from the reptilian It is very serious expression. You can hear it only if the prisoner steals something from his co-prisoners.

In criminal jargon we also can define the thematic group Criminal crafts. It is also rather numerous. So, the criminal who makes pickpocketing gets the name babochnik ( butterfly). Capercaillie () is a drunken robber. Horse () the fraudster. The inexperienced thief, the small speculator the prisoners call cormorant ().

One more thematic group Criminal castes. Hierarchy. Boar () the leader of the criminal group. - Boar called yesterday. He wanted to talk with us.

The thematic group Criminal castes. Sex. Goat (), cock () are the names of the punks from the social prison caste. Zhuchka ( ) the lesbian.

The thematic group Criminal colours. Shushara ( ) the prisoner, who very passively and cautiously looks to alien criminal world. Bitch the prisoner, who voluntarily cooperates with the administration of a prison. It was a period when there were the old classical thieves laws on the territory of the prisons.

The thematic group Police. Goat the highly respected police officer. Legavyj ( ) the police officer. Spider () the prison warden.

Thematic group Habits. Alcohol. Bream () the screwed up person.

Thematic group Gender identity. Heifer () in criminal language a depraved woman. Bitch the prostitute.

Zoonim lexical substandard units are the carriers of the culturally relevant information of the objective reality reflected in the language.




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