candidate of pedagogical sciences Kasymova R.S., masters student Myrzabayev Sabit,

al-Farabi Kazakh national University,

Kazakhstan, Almaty


Nowadays, well-being of a society is becoming an important character. Currently training of future experts, make them own their health and a well-being lifestyle, physical culture, and the developing knowledge, unless they can't be qualified as the expert. Health of every future expert is not only personal wealth, but also its one of necessary conditions for education and economic power growth. Therefore, a healthy generation is future of the nation, that the main agreement of health is cultural environment and healthy, well-being lifestyle. On the strategic program of development "Kazakhstan-2030" of President Nursultan Nazarbayev, healthy, well-being lifestyle is to encourage to each one, doing physical exercises, good nutrition, without consumption of drugs, tobacco and alcohol, measures to maintain hygiene and sanitation, etc.

"Health is wealth, the source of human happiness" - says people. Its the many years truth of mentality from centuries to century from of senior generations.

Health will be given only one time, for to save it do labor or heavy action before it hurts. Thus it needs real education, desire and will unless its difficult to save long health care. It is essential of the formation of a healthy lifestyle among young people. In the area of work: to reduce influence of factors which causes an illness, alcohol, smoking, drugs and danger, lack of the movement, in fertile and is a basis for constant campaign anti-diets.

Basis of a healthy, well-being lifestyle and strengthening of health which formation comprehensively develop a spiritual and physical development. Factors that affect health: subscribe to the sick, alcohol, drugs, gambling, work, life in the event of chronic exposure, poor nutrition (lack of nutrition or excessive use), the absence of mood, and the rest of the day in the chaotic destruction, air and water pollution and irrational use of medicines or independently of treatment, etc.

Be the most appropriate coordination of a healthy lifestyle is good movement. Person needs air, water, food, if any need to be in the movement too.

Lets talk about great contribution of scientists on the formation of Healthy lifestyle. Greek philosopher Socrates: "Anyone who knows him knows what he wants and what his hands, what does not clearly understand" that was being organized at the discretion of the person's lifestyle.

Aristotle healthy lifestyle education of the child in accordance with their age, physical movement and the issues associated with the food and culture.

Which is one of the principles of a healthy lifestyle, a question of sexual education by the work of Ö.Tilewqabılulınıñ "Shipagerlick Bayan" first of all, healthy reproductive generation, their parents gave rise in a rank in view of dependence of seven girls, she warns not to marry. And on the purity of the body and the spirit, beauty adolescents, paid great attention to the problem of aesthetic education. And from purity of a body and spirit, beauty of teenagers, I paid much attention to a problem of esthetic education. The mood of the person, will allow renewal of an inner world. Protection and strengthening of health of children and their need for spiritual formation and measures for improvement of a body and importance of the State award to questions, as on the basis of A.Kunanbaev Y. philosophical, pedagogical approach. Ch. Valikhanova the opinion based on culture of a healthy lifestyle of the human person and to formation of health and life skills can be reached by skills. From A. Baytursynov, M. Zhumabayev, M.Dulatov from early age, the child is defined by opportunities of the organization at national schools for training in a healthy lifestyle.

English teacher of D.Lokk: "to have a sound body, a sound mind", having both from these people it isn't necessary to make many things, but one of them to make it in a hell. Children have to be trained to deal with pressing problems.

K.D Uchinskii: "to care of the world of nervous system of the child, and to remove the irritating effects, paying attention to requirements and desires of the child in the love relations from her body and provides development of an inner world and a basis of its relations with other people", it is said in the statement.

Encourages of training in a healthy lifestyle:

- To provide the knowledge necessary for a healthy lifestyle on a regular basis;

- Family healthy lifestyles;

- Students, activity of school health care (discussion, a question and the answer, talk-show, etc., in the organization and carrying out students, to increase activity of students);

- Explain that the correct diet;

- Healthy consultant way of life color brochures and booklets of distribution record increase the level of personal hygiene and youth culture;

- Benefits paid for sports clubs;

- Ease of information to promote the well-being;

 - Professional training and the use of new interactive methods of education;

- To abstain from harmful substances of propaganda activities for work;

- To extend to data elections for a healthy lifestyle;

-Traditional and non-traditional students in the rehabilitation of physical exercises, breathing exercises, psychological tests, training, workforce training for the games:

- those who had any problems of psychological consultation, assistance of change in behavior or to learn features of creation of the centers;

- Prevention of causes of illness is also taught.



In this article some aspects connected with training of specialists in the sphere of a healthy lifestyle for the younger generation are considered. It is necessary to understand typical forms and ways of daily activity of the person which strengthen as a healthy lifestyle and improve reserve opportunities of an organism, providing thereby successful performance of the social and professional functions irrespective of political, economic and social and psychological situations. Formation of a healthy lifestyle is the difficult system process which is covering a set of components of a way of life of modern society and including the main spheres and the direction of the younger generation.