doctoral candidate, docent Kravchyk L.S.

master  Valko I.V.

Nikolaev state agrarian university; Ukraine

Marketing role in transitional economy of Ukraine

In modern conditions one of the most important concepts of business management is marketing, which designed to generate rational production programs, quick react on current situation on sales, markets and ultimately to win in conditions of competitive struggle. Marketing touches life of everyone. It is a process in which goods and services are developed and made available to consumers, that provides a certain standard of living.

The evolution of marketing in Ukraine makes great interest because in rather short period marketing has gone from unknown to acclaimed and widely used tool in practice management. Now marketing in Ukraine has reached a condition where all basic tools are well-known to companies and implemented with varying degrees of comprehensiveness and depth in business practice, a large number of professional marketers has been trained and made important steps in forming the professional community of marketers.

Through analysis of history and practice of marketing development in Ukraine has already shown that while the basic tools were developed, marketing as a system and philosophy of company management did not reach the level compared to market economies of developed countries in Europe and America. The main hypothesis of this investigation can be formulated as follows:

1)    marketing in Ukraine has not reached that level of development, which is observed in market economies in developed countries in North America and Western Europe yet;

2)    economic growth and availability of formal signs of the market economy does not create sufficient conditions for the qualitative development of marketing for now.

Creating an effective marketing system and, accordingly, the high level of marketing is a social-ethical marketing of relationship, which involves firstly that advanced system requirements was in large number of customers, which requires from companies unbanal and a variety of actions, secondly - the development of civil society and its institutions, and third - acquisition of enterprise marketing tools and understanding of its importance for creating and maintaining competitive advantage and economic development in general. In full, all these three conditions are not observed yet in Ukraine, despite the rapid growth in the consumer market. Economic growth in the whole country post crisis and to a large number of consumer markets in particular isnt ready for the qualitative development of marketing, mainly due to the lack of qualitative changes in the perception of marketing management companies. At the same time, the main marketing tools are well exploited in national practice, the difference from the world of marketing practice rather observed in reliance on those or other instruments.

The basis for the survival of enterprises in a market economy is the manufacture of such products, which the consumer requires, and to ensure its competitiveness to protect the firm from competition. Therefore, today we can distinguish the following problems of the formation marketable policy - creation and production of new goods and services, ensuring the proper quality levels, formation of an optimal product assortment, positioning product, management product life cycle, providing quality service, and more importantly is choosing strategy of innovation: to be a leader in the production of innovative products and applying new technologies or to be able to react and adapt quickly to market changes.

Our state at this stage has reached a totally different level of integration in the global market; key problem with regards to the development of modern international marketing principles is facing thousands of Ukrainian firms with different ownership forms that flow to foreign markets.

Unfortunately, the unstable economic and political situation in the country does not allow us to fully realize basic provisions of the marketing concept, because marketing involves collecting and analyzing information about the market environment and conditions, making on their basis the short, medium and long-term forecasts of the market situation.

The widespread introduction into the practice of marketing in the form of relationship marketing and social-ethical marketing is constrained by a large number of non-market code of conduct- corruption, misappropriation of undervalued assets, etc., as well as the fact that a huge part of management companies is privately owned and managed.

Thus, the hypothesis has put forward in the beginning of investigation can be considered confirmed. Currently marketing in Ukraine is in a transition phase from supply orientation to a proper marketing, closer to the last one. Thats why, marketing is on its way from marketing to relationship marketing deals. International experience points to national companies, that such a transition is needed, but still dominating sales orientation is not highly developed.

Identify key issues of international marketing and the prospects for its introduction in the basic principles in the national development of this area, it should

be noted that today in our country there are a number of prerequisites for a successful transition to international standards of operation and functioning in marketing.

Eperience of marketing in Ukraine indicates that alone economic development is not enough for the qualitative evolution of marketing. Necessary for the development of this marketing system requires changes in society, which reduce not only the growth of consumption, but also to changes in economic structure, the dominant model of business development, overcome the corruption and the complete legalization of the business so market cooperation should be the only way to achieve corporate goals and growth targets .


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