Shelves in the clothes visual mercandising.

Galun Dmitry, Ph.d

The front hanging bar, side hanging bar, tables and shelves are currently used to hanging and displays in visual merchandising. Each of the elements of trading equipment is preferred as dependent on the fashion and commercial potential of research carried out in each period. So the value of tables increases and the importance of the shelves reduces. It is confirmed by experimental studies conducted by the author. Lets consider the main reasons why it happens.

In order to evaluate the product thoroughly it is necessary to deploy the folded product. Besides, it takes time to expand the A 4 format formed product. In addition, there is a psychological fear among customers to release the product as an indication of breaking the order, especially if there is a paper gasket in the folded product. The dignity of the latter are undeniable while comparing this procedure with a similar, but applicable to the product represented on the rack.

 Paradoxically, this is not the main cause of inefficiency of the shelves. The same or a similar method of presentation that runs on a different type of equipment, such as tables, increases effective implementation of the product in the order. Perhaps the reason is different levels of functional placement of products on shelves and tables. Thus, the most ergonomic level of the wall display placements of products, typically used for products are presented in the frontal and side planes, as it have the greatest visual efficiency. The remaining shelf spaces of wall displays are on the borders of the levels of functionality. They attract the attention of consumers in the least. In comparison, the height of desks trading floor ranged from 50 to 90 cm, which was not intended to either reach or bend much, nor crouch to view products.
Another reason lies in the composition of placing folded items on shelves in the
   wall display and tables. Products placed in a stack on a shelf are perceived in terms of priority as a last resort. The size of the color patch of these products is minimal compared to the products on the front and profile racks of the same display. The table is an independent part of the floor equipment, the consumer's attention is not dispelled by other volumes and configuration. In addition, the tables suggest the possibility of submitting articles to the unfolded form.
It should be noted that the products stacked on shelves allow you to increase the store capacity, it is possible to use the trade area, but the items in the stacks will be no element of active sales but inventory (fig.A). In accordance with it, the concepts of fashion brands that claim to a wider range than the base, are not used the shelves for the presentation of clothes in the retail store concept.

    In Fig. A. An example of a concept store that uses the presentation of products on the shelves.

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