Lavrinenko O.V., Candidate of Jurisprudence, Senior Lecturer, Donetsk Legal Institute of Lugansk State University of Internal Affairs of E.A. Didorenko


Place of a Problem of Principles of the Labour Law in System of a Modern Branch Science


Under the fair statement of the philosopher of the law of G.V.Grebenkova, «the legal theory does not possess function of direct action… To prove scientific character of the legal concept on the basis of its practical checks (experimental verification) it is impossible. Therefore… to this day ways proof process in modern legal practice are references to the legislation, authority scientists, on precedent, at last, on law principles» [1, p. 5]. Really, the role and value of «principles» as in system of understanding of essence of the law, and processes of its application and formation, and also its subsequent structurization is difficult for overestimating. Not casually principles of the law are considered in the modern theory as an original combination, organic synthesis of «maintenance» and «forms (sources)» the law [2, p. 23, 24, 26, 32, 35-36; 3, p. 700], as its «supersoul» [4, p. 89]. It is remarkable, that else in the beginning of the last century known representative of a science of civil law F. Shershenevich, underlining organic interrelation (as, in particular, any «analysis» in jurisprudence means «synthesis» as a method of scientific knowledge and on the contrary) and powerful value of «principles» in structure of a positive law and jurisprudence, noticed, that «the legal principle is result of the analysis, legal definition – result of synthesis» [5, p. 16]. In this aspect the conclusion of the modern theorist of the law of M.V. Tsvika is remarkable, that «instructions-principles have is raised the concentrated legal character… Their maintenance it is not necessary to reduce to one of kinds of rules of law, and it is necessary to consider as an independent element of system of the law. Therefore the understanding of the law as systems of not simply norms, and norms and principles is optimum» [6, p. 58]. G.I. Muromtsev, considering EU law, defines it as «set of norms, institutes and principles which serve expression and fastening of will and interests of the Union as interests transnational» [7, p. 27]. Principles have «important value and in jurisprudence and activity on law application... The essence and social appointment of the law reveals and concretised in its principles and functions» [8, p. 151].

The general-theoretical postulates resulted above naturally have found the reflexion in the branch doctrine of the labour law. So, according to V.A. Boldyreva and V.A. Sysoyev, «the weak readiness of principles of the granted branch is law obviously testifies to low degree ordering of the labour legislation» [9, p. 24-26, 28]; S.P. Mavrin and E.B. Hohlov notice, that «the problem of principles of the law directly is connected with understanding of the maintenance and essence of the law. In this sense its decision has initial and key value for treatment practically all other legal phenomena» [10, p. 80]. L.J. Bugrov also not unreasonably pays attention that «… to overestimate the importance of a problem of principles of the labour law it is impossible … At regulation of public relations concerning work the role of the labour law is paramount. As quintessence of its essence acted, act and principles of the labour law will act. Such axiomatic judgements are preconditions for a conclusion that one of huge problems, is permanent being in epicentre of a science of the labour law, there should be a problem of its principles. Each new stage of development of our society, the state and the law determines also new consideration of the designated scientific problem... » [11, p. 609]. We completely divide a conclusion that the problem of principles of the labour law should be qualified not only as central, but also is permanent an existing problem of a science of the labour law [12-20].



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