Kushnir I.V., Dr. Ph.

Mykolaiv state agrarian university

economic Relations of agricultural and processing enterprises


The process of human development is determined by the development of productive forces as the most active and dynamic element of public production. The growth of productive forces are constantly accompanied by development of old and emergence of new forms of social division of labor. These forms affect the productive forces of society, their growth.

Progressive nature of the growth of productive forces of each socio-economic formation, occurrence and development in connection with these new forms of social division of labor caused the separation of production processes in the independent production and differentiation on this basis, the guns and things work.

Enhancing business expertise and expand the full range of commercial relations creates prerequisites for the smooth raw material of their production, improve economic performance of contractors. In our view, the essence of economic production relations is in a stable bilateral flow of food production and transfer of funds between contractors with parameters specified in the contract.

Across the spectrum of economic relations resursozabezpechuyuchi we define the enterprise business communications relations for the basic raw material processing enterprises, considering them as fundamental to the production process and, in our view, the optimization of their formation plays a crucial role in the efficiency of production and competitiveness lays the basis for final products.

In countries with developed market economies, policy framework to ensure the production of raw materials is to meet the needs of raw materials with the highest possible economic efficiency. To achieve this, weighed a number of problems, grouped in three main areas. These are: ensuring a reasonable schedule of deliveries of raw materials, ensuring exact match amount of raw materials supplied businesses in need of it; compliance with the production of quality raw materials supplied.For agricultural processing enterprises have priority to regular supply of raw materials and good sales of finished products. The raw materials base of the food processing industry is agriculture with complex economic, natural and biological systems, where the play is based on the use of special resources - land, plants, animals, and goes on the interaction of economic and natural scientific laws. Effective play involves the dialectical unity of agriculture agronomy, biology, technology and economy, their sustainable development. Originality zones, the unpredictability of weather disasters, seasonal and cyclical nature of agricultural production is generated at objectively unstable resource base of the food processing industry, which requires establishing lasting cooperation processing enterprises with agricultural enterprises in various forms of integration with the distribution of risks between the parties, especially true in economic growth in Ukraine.

The basis of cost-effective policy for the enterprise search for raw materials and purchase the required number of satisfactory quality raw materials at affordable prices.In the western practice of procurement produced a number of general recommendations, one of which is a recommendation of support stable contacts with their suppliers. Yes, raw materials consumed in production continuously, is essential to a definite time, bought western processing enterprises on a supply contract that stipulates the exact time of delivery. With this method of delivery, on the one hand, the volume of stocks of raw materials to processing enterprises decreases communications costs associated with reduced, but on the other hand - provides uninterrupted production process.

When optimizing the formation of economic relations, we understand the cost of minimizing their installation and support, ensuring the planned volume of production.

Currently set above commercial relations happens spontaneously, free choice of contractors based on the ratio of supply and demand are not always economically justified and effective. This is due to production problems the study of resource base and economic relations business with suppliers in terms of their optimization.