The list of the sciarids (Diptera: Sciaridae) of the North-East Altai

Komarova L.A.

Shukshin State Academy of Education, Biysk. E-mail:


Abstract. The sciarids are represented in the North-East Altai by 168 species of the 22 genus (Bradysia 48, Bradysiopsis 1, Dichopygina-5, Camptochaeta 13, Chaetosciara -1, Claustropyga 2, Corynoptera -24, Cratyna 5, Ctenosciara -2, Epidapus - 3, Leptosciarella 9, Lycoriella 9, Scatopsciara 10, Sciara 8, Phytosciara 1, Dolichosciara 4, Pseudolycoriella-1, Peyerimhoffia -5, Pnyxia 3, Prosciara 3, Xylosciara - 4, Zygoneura 7). For every species data on the distribution are given.


Key words. Sciarids, Sciaridae (Diptera), distribution.


The Sciaridae is a clearly defined family of Nematocera (Diptera), mostly involving minute, dark colored gnats with thin legs and characteristic wing venation. The larvae inhabit various substrates such as mushrooms, soil, decaying leaves, wood, etc. Species composition of sciariden in relict areas of Altai chern taiga (small-leaved-coniferous subnemoral forest) was studied. The chern taiga represents a unique relic formation and carries a great amount of floristic paleogene-neogene relicts in its composition. The latter allowed assuming that there are the endemic, relict and midge species new science on this territory that made possible further development of phylogenetic family system and historical reconstruction of sciariden in Altai.

The work is devoted to study of biodiversity in Altai chern taiga. Besides saprophagy, Sciaridae species inhabit hothouses and reach high numbers becoming rather harmful for agricultural plants and mushrooms cultivating in closed soils. Recently, Sciaridae attract attention as objects for genetic study. Nowadays, rare relict formation xylophilous species including some Sciaridae begin to experience oppression. In the last years, the negative impact of human activity on the condition of the relict complex of Altai chern taiga is intensified, and danger for disappearance of many ancient species threatens.

The material was collected during summer expeditions in Altai region and Altai Republic in 2005 - 2011. The studied sites differ in their physical-geographical conditions, origin, and composition.

The commonly accepted methods of field and laboratory faunistic-systematic studies were used while performs the work. To collect imago in field, the mowing with entomological net in herb, shrubs, trees, over mushrooms and rotten stumps, along streams and reversed trees was used, also by Malaise traps. The captured insects were lulled in ether and placed in tubes with 70% alcohol supplied with corresponding label. Then we have been mounted the ethanol specimens on microscope slides in Euparal. The revealed biodiversity represented by 168 species of Sciaridae of the genus 22 and they may involve a number of undescribed species.

This paper is a continuation of the study of composite family Sciaridae Billberg from Altai. Here new list of the North-East Altai species with modern data in systematic Sciaridae [2], also in the list we used data of the distribution all species [1] and next abbreviations of the distribution: A Austria, NE North Europe, SF Finland, R Romania, I Italy, DK Denmark, D Germany, ES East Siberia, WS- Western Siberia, S Sweden, BG Bulgaria, SMA - Asia, PL Poland, C Canada, NL Nederland, F France, UK Ukraine, TR Turkey, NET North-East tail of Russia, FE Far East.

Sciaridae Billberg, 1820

Bradysia Winnertz, 1867


Bradysia flavipila (Tuomikoski, 1960) - S, SF, DK, N, NET, WS

Bradysia lobulifera (Frey, 1948) S, SF, D, PL, NET, WS

Bradysia sp.n.

Bradysia sp.n.



Bradysia aktru Komarova, 2009 - WS

Bradysia altaica Komarova, 1997 -WS

Bradysia inusitata (Tuomikoski, 1960) - S, SF, DK, N, NET, WS

Bradysia pratincola Tuomikoski, 1960 SF, NET, WS

Bradysia rufescens (Zetterstedt, 1852) SF, D, DK, NET, WS

Bradysia vagans Frey 1948 SF, R, WS (callicera)

Bradysia longicubitalis (Frey, 1948) S, SF, N, Pl, NET, WS (cinereovittata)

Bradysia loricata Mohrig & Krivosheina, 1987 ES, WS

Bradysia subrufescens Mohrig &Krivosheina, 1989 ES, WS

Bradysia sp.n.


Bradysia normalis Frey, 1948 SF, WS, ES



Bradysia lapponica (Lengersdorf, 1926) SF, S, DK, N, NET, WS

tilicola (=amoena)

Bradysia tilicola Frey, 1948 SF, S, N, WS (cellarum)

Bradysia ocellaris (Comstock,1882) - S, SF, DK, N, NET, WS

Bradysia urticae Mohrig & Menzel, 1992 D, WS

Bradysia sp.n.


Bradysia bicolor Meigen, 1818 S, SF, D, NET, WS

Bradysia cinerascens (Tuomikoski, 1960) SF, WS (=lanicauda)


Bradysia globulifera (Lengersdorf, 1934) - S, SF, DK, N, NET, WS

Bradysia hilariformis (Tuomikoski, 1960) S, SF, DK, N, NET, WS

Bradysia laurencei Menzel, Mohrig, 2000 -

Bradysia sibrica Komarova, 2003 WS

Bradysia spherostylus Komarova, 2003 WS


Bradysia hilaris (Lengersdorf, 1940)- S, SF, DK, N, NET, WS (=betuleti)

Bradysia cohilaris Mohrig & Krivosheina, 1986 WS


Bradysia angustata (Tuomikoski, 1960) -

Bradysia aprica (Winnertz, 1867) -

Bradysia affinis (Zetterstedt, 1838) S, SF, N, BG, D, F, NET, WS

Bradysia fungicola (Winnertz, 1867) A, S, SF, D, NET, WS

Bradysia bulbostyla Mohrig, Menzel, 1990

Bradysia peraffinis Tuomikoski, 1960)- S, SF, N, BG, D, F, NET, WS

Bradysia praemonticola Mohrig & Krivosheina, 1989 NET, WS

Bradysia scabricornis (Tuomikoski, 1960) SF, ES, WS

Bradysia subaprica Mohrig und Krivosheina, 1989 ES, WS

Bradysia tridonta Komarova, 2003 - WS

Bradysia trispinifera Mohrig & Krivosheina, 1979 ES, WS

Bradysia quadridentata Komarov, 2009 WS, CH


Bradysia aleica Komarova, 2009 WS

Bradysia iridipennis (Zetterstedt, 1838) -WS

Bradysia cuneiforma Komarova, 1997 WS

Bradysia praecox (Meigen, 1818) - SF, WS

Bradysia inundata Komarova, 2000 - WS

Bradysia vernalis (Zetterstedt, 1851) S, SF, DK, D, SMA, WS


Bradysia procera (Winnertz, 1868) - S, SF, N, WS

Bradysiopsis Tuomikoski, 1960

Bradysiopsis vittata (Meigen, 1830) - S, SF, DK, N, WS

Dichopygina Vilkamaa, Hippa & Komarova, 2004

Dichopygina aculeata Vilkamaa, Hippa & Komarova, 2004 - A, S, SF, D, WS

Dichopygina bernhardi Vilkamaa, Hippa & Komarova, 2004 SF, S, WS

Dichopygina duplicis Vilkamaa, Hippa & Komarova, 2004 SF, D, WS

Dichopygina nigrochalteralis (Frey, 1948) - S, SF, DK, D, SMA, WS

Dichopygina ramosa Vilkamaa, Hippa & Komarova, 2004 - WS

Camptochaeta Hippa & Vilkamaa, 1994

amptochaeta camptochaeta (Tuomikoski, 1960) A, S, SF, D, WS

Camptochaeta consimilis (Holmgren, 1869) S, SF, N, WS

Camptochaeta flagellifera Hippa & Vilkamaa, 1994 S, SF, WS

Camptochaeta furcata Hippa & Vilkamaa, 1994 - S, SF, N, WS

Camptochaeta obscuripila (Tuomikoski, 1960) S, SF, WS

Camptochaeta pellax Hippa & Vilkamaa, 1994 S, SF, C, WS

Camptochaeta pentacantha Komarova, Hippa & Vilkamaa, 2007 - WS

Camptochaeta simulator Hippa & Vilkamaa, 1994 S, SF, N, WS

Camptochaeta stammeri (Lengersdorf, 1940) NE: S, SF, WS

Camptochaeta subdentata (Mohrig, 1985) S, SF, N, WS

Camptochaeta tenuipalpis (Mohrig & Antonova, 1978) S, SF, FE, WS

Camptochaeta bichaeta Komarova, 1995 comb..nov. - WS [= Corynoptera bichaeta]

Camptochaeta sp.n.

Corynoptera Winnertz, 1868


Corynoptera arboris Hippa, Vilkamaa & Heller, 2010 - WS

Corynoptera inexspectata Tuomikoski, 1960 SF, R, WS

Corynoptera parcitata Mohrig & Krivosheina, 1986 - WS

Corynoptera perpusilla Winnertz, 1867 NE, NET, WS

Corynoptera irmgardis Lengersdorf, 1930 NE, NET, WS

Corynoptera tiliacea Komarova, 2000 - WS

Corynoptera trepida (Winnertz, 1867) SF, WS

Corynoptera tetrachaeta Tuomikoski, 1960 NE, NET, WS

Corynoptera speroptera Tuomikoski, 1960 NE, NET, WS

Corynoptera subtetrachaeta Komarova, 1995- WS

Corynoptera subsaccata Mohrig & Krivosheina, 1982 NET, WS

Corynoptera sedula Mohrig & Krivosheina, 1985 - WS

Corynoptera sp.n.

Corynoptera sp.n.


Corynoptera membranigera (Kieffer, 1903) SF, R, NET, WS

Corynoptera bicuspidata (Lengersdorf, 1926) - SF, R, NET, WS


Corynoptera blanda Tuomikoski, 1960 SF, S, R, NET, WS


Corynoptera barbata Tuomikoski, 1960 SF, N, SW

Corynoptera macricula Mohrig, Krivosheina, Mamaev, 1986 - WS

Corynoptera marinae Mohrig, Krivosheina, Mamaev, 1986 - WS

Corynoptera hypopygialis (Lengersdorf, 1940) S, SF, N, NET, WS

Corynoptera praeforcipata Mohrig & Mamaev, 1987 NET, WS


Corynoptera altaica Komarova, 1995 WS

Corynoptera monstera Komarova, 1995 - WS

Claustropyga Hippa, Vilkamaa & Mohrig, 2002

Claustropyga acanthostyla Tuomikoski, 1960 S, SF, UK, D, WS

Claustropyga refrigerata (Lengersdorf, 1930) S, SF, WS

Cratyna (Winnertz, 1867)

Spathobdella Frey, 1949

Cratyna falcata (Tuomikoski, 1960) SF, N, A, WS

Cratyna nobilis (Winnertz, 1867) S, SF, N, A, D, WS

Cratyna tuberculata Tuomikoski, 1960 S. SF, WS

Cratyna uliginosa (Lengersdorf, 1929) SF, D, WS

Cratyna (Winnertz, 1867)

Cratyna ambigua (Lengersdorf, 1934) S, SF, N, D, WS

Ctenosciara Tuomikoski, 1960

Ctenosciara hyalipennis Meigen, 1804 S, SF, WS

Ctenosciara leucotricha Komarova, 1995 WS

Chaetosciara Frey, 1942

Chaetosciara estlandica (Lengersdorf, 1929) - S, WS

Epidapus Haliday, 1851

Epidapus Haliday, 1851

Epidapus atomarius (De Geer, 1778) F, NET, WS

Epidapus gracialis (Walker, 1848) NE, WS

Epidapus sp.n.

Sciara Meigen, 1803


Sciara analis Schiner, 1864 S, SF, D, I, A, PL, UK, NET, WS

Sciara flavomarginata Mohrig & Mamaev, 1982 ES, WS.

Sciara helvola Winnertz, 1867 S, SF, RU, WS

Sciara hemerobioides (Scopoli, 1763) - S, SF, BG, D, DK, I, A, PL, UK, NET, WS

Sciara ulrichi Menzel & Mohrig, 1998 ES, WS


Sciara flavimana Zetterstedt, 1851 A, S, SF, DK, N, WS

Sciara ruficauda Meigen, 1818 - S, SF, D, I, A, PL, UK, NET, WS

S. humeralis

Sciara humeralis Zetterstedt, 1851 A, S, N, BG, F, DK, UK, TR, WS

Lycoriella Frey, 1942

Hemineurina Tuomikoski, 1960


Lycoriella inflata (Winnertz, 1867) - S, SF, N, NET, WS


Lycoriella dearmata Mohrig & Krivosheina, 1987 ES, WS

Coelostylina Tuomikoski, 1960


Lycoriella eflagellata Tuomikoski, 1960 S, SF, R, SF, WS

Lycoriella secundaria Mohrig & Menzel, 1990 NE, G, WS

Lycoriella sp.n.

Lycoriella Frey, 1942

Lycoriella auripila (Winnertz, 1867) - A, S, G, SF, DK, NET, WS

Lycoriella castanescens (Lengersdorf, 1940) NE, WS

Lycoriella ingenua (Dufour, 1839) A, S, G, SF, DK, NET, SMA, WS

Lycoriella lundstromi (Frey, 1948) S, SF, N, R, NET, WS

P Leptosciarella Tuomikoski, 1960

Leptosciarella fuscipalpa (Mohrig & Krivosheina, 1979) ES, WS

Leptosciarella trochanterata Winnertz, 1867 SF, BG, A, D, R, PL,WS

Leptosciarella nudinervis Tuomikoski, 1960 SF, R, WS

Leptosciarella pilosa (Staeger, 1840) SF, N, DK, NL, GB, A, D, R, AL, PL,WS

Leptosciarella rotunda Mohrig & Mamaev, 1990 FE, WS

Leptosciarella rejecta (Winnertz, 1867) SF, D, WS

Leptosciarella truncata Tuomikoski, 1960 SF, S, DK, WS

Leptosciarella subpilosa (Edwards, 1925) SF, GB, R, NET, WS

Leptosciarella sp.n.

Scatopsciara Edwards, 1927


Scatopsciara nebula Mohrig & Mamaev, 1986 - WS

Scatopsciara vitripennis (Meigen, 1818) SF, S, G, PL, I, UK, NET, SMA, FE, WS

Scatopsciara sp.n.


Scatopsciara atomaria (Winnertz, 1867) - SF, S, NL, G, PL, I, NET, SMA, FE, WS

Scatopsciara calamophila Frey, 1948 SF, NE, NET, FE, WS

Scatopsciara keilbachi Mohrig & Mamaev, 1979 FE, WS

Scatopsciara multispina (Bukowski & Lengensdorf, 1936) SF, UK, WS

Scatopsciara pussilliformis Mohrig & Mamaev, 1986 FE, WS

Scatopsciara sp.n.

Scatopsciara sp.n.

Xylosciara Tuomikoski, 1957

Xylosciara Tuomikoski, 1960


Xylosciara microdon Frey, 1948 S, SF, N, WS

Xylosciara steleocera Tuomikoski, 1960 A, S, SF, WS


Xylosciara heptocantha Tuomikoski, 1957 SF, FE, WS

Xylosciara misella Frey, 1948 S, SF, NET, WS

Phytosciara Frey, 1942

Phytosciara halterata (Lengersdorf, 1926) SF, G, WS

Dolichosciara Tuomikoski, 1960

Dolichosciara eleganta Komarova, 1998 - WS

Dolichosciara hippai Komarova, Vilkamaa, 2006 - WS

Dolichosciara flavipes (Meigen, 1804) SF, G, NL, F, NET, WS

Dolichosciara saetosa (Lengersdorf, 1929) SF, G, WS

Prosciara Frey, 1942

Prosciara mima Hippa & Vilkamaa, 1991 S, SF, WS

Prosciara porrecta Lengersdorf, 1929 - SF, WS

Prosciara ungulata (Winnertz, 1867) S, SF, WS

Pseudolycoriella Menzel & Mohrig, 1998

Pseudolycoriella nodulosa (Mohrig & Krivosheina, 1985) ES, WS

Peyerimhoffia Kieffer, 1903

Peyerimhoffia collina Vilkamaa & Hippa, 2005 WS

Peyerimhoffia crassistylata (Frey, NE, S, D, ES, WS

Peyerimhoffia menzeli Vilkamaa & Hippa, 2005 S, SF, D, WS

Peyerimhoffia vagabunda (Winnertz, 1867) S, SF, I, FE, WS

Peyerimhoffia sp.n.

Pnyxia Johannsen, 1912

Pnyxia scabiei (Hopkins, 1895) SF, G, WS

Pnyxia thaleri (Mohrig & Mamaev, 1978) - WS

Pnyxia sp.n.

Zygoneura Meigen, 1830

Allozygoneura Menzel& Mohrig, 1998

Zygoneura calthae Tuomikoski, 1960 G, S, SF, WS

Zygoneura Meigen, 1830

Zygoneura sajanica Mamaev, 1976 FE, WS

Pharetratula Mamaev, 1968

Zygoneura bidens Mamaev, 1976 FE, WS

Zygoneura divergens Mamaev, 1976 EF, WS

Zygoneura flavicornis Mamaev, 1968 EF, WS

Zygoneura subdivergens Mohrig & Mamaev, 1990 FE, WS

Zygoneura sp.n.



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