Usachev V. A, Kalnina A. A

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Economic security - a state of the economy, which ensures a sufficiently high and stable economic growth, efficient satisfaction of economic needs, state control of the movement and use of national resources , protection of the economic interests of the country at the national and international levels.

It includes:

        Preservation of solvency ;

        Planning of future cash flows of the economic entity ;

        Security of employment.

Part of national security, its foundation and material basis.

The object of economic security serves as an economic system, taken as a whole and its constituent elements: natural resources, manufacturing and non-productive assets, real estate, financial resources, human resources, economic structures, family, personality.

Threats to economic security - are phenomena and processes that have a negative impact on the economy of the country, which infringe the economic interests of the individual, society and the state.

Indicators of economic security - is the most significant parameters that give an overview of the state of the economic system as a whole, its stability and mobility: GDP growth, the level and quality of life of the majority of the population , inflation, unemployment, economic structure, population stratification, the criminalization of the economy, state of the base of the economic, R & D spending, competitiveness, import dependence, the openness of the economy, domestic and external debt of the state.

Measure of economic security - a set of methods, conscious action to prevent internal and external security threats.

I also can not help but notice that economic security is the guarantor of the independence of any state of the country, the condition of its sustainable development and the welfare of citizens, so the issue of economic security for example, our country is given sufficient attention by scientists, among which we can mention - Z. Varnaly, D. Gordienko, AG Kalman, GY Darnopyh , VA Lipcan , A. Torkunov and others.

System to ensure the economic security of the country is based on understanding and implementing the concept of national economic interests at national and international levels, the purpose of which is to maintain a balance in the economy, protect it from the influence of external and internal threats, the capacity for sustainable development. National economic interests determine the content and direction of the configuration of the system to ensure the economic security of the country. Protection of national economic interests against external and internal threats is the content and the most important function of the system to ensure the economic security of the country.

The economic security of the state and serves as a criterion of effectiveness ( efficacy) economic policy.

Allocation of national economic interests as one of the most important in the structure of the national interests of the country is the basis for effective sustainable development of its economic system. National economic security is understood as the economic security from internal and external adverse factors that disturb the normal functioning of the internal reproduction, undermining the current level of living of the population, and thereby lead to increased social tensions and the threat to the state itself.