Urazbekova Merey, 3th year student of the specialty " 5B050700 - Management" Sh . A.Baitursynov

Irina Morozova , Senior Lecturer , Department of Information Systems

KSU . A.Baitursynov


Ranking Project Options IS implementation can be accomplished by comparison of income corresponding to each of them. In particular, for assessing recovery of investments in various projects for the introduction of IS may be employed known methods that take into account the change in the value of money in time, among which we can mention:

Present Value Index PVI


where PVI - index reduced costs; TPV - total present value of annual cash flows (Total PV of Annual Cash

Flows; II - initial investment (Initial Investment)

Net Present Value - NPV


where PVI - index reduced costs; TPV - total present value of annual cash flows (Total PV of Annual Cash

Flows); II - initial investment (Initial Investment)

To evaluate the effectiveness of the implementation of an integrated information system is very important to analyze changes in the parameters "time - the cost - quality" in each business process. This analysis considered the first "strategic" business processes as the most important from the point of view of an external client. Then, secondary and subsidiary.

Process variable "time"

Each course examines changes cost time t for its implementation in connection with the introduction of IS. Typically, less time spent to perform certain procedures process and , accordingly, the whole process. When you perform any procedures reduces the time and how much it is reduced depends on the version of the draft IS. For example, when the structure of IMS in supporting the process of logistics enterprises , the mechanism Jast - In - Time significantly reduces the supply over IS , task-oriented functional units.

Process variable "costs"

With the introduction of IS should be reducing the cost of resources for the implementation of the process. In particular, this may be due to reduction in the number of employees. If the introduction of IS was not able to reduce the effort required to implement the process, it must be doubts about the effectiveness of the project.

The parameter of the " quality "

At this parameter can also be judged on the effectiveness of the implementation of IS. If as a result of the implementation of IS, the structure of which, for example , is enabled for Total Quality Management, is bringing the quality of the implementation procedures of the process in accordance with standards such as eg ISO standards and , most importantly, there is an opportunity to bring the quality of the product of this process in compliance with the standards defined by the requirements of the customers and standards of ISO, it is possible to judge the effectiveness of the project in question , taking into account the following. Software TQM system allows them to adapt quickly to changes caused primarily by changes in customer requirements and the development of new technologies. This, in turn, provides the appropriate level of sales and earnings. By correlating potentially possible level of income derived from the sale of the finished product of the process , the cost of the project implementation of IS, you can rank the options and choose the projects satisfying certain criteria.

Each of the projects under consideration can have its advantages and disadvantages. A final decision on the choice of the project are taken by qualified experts.

The proposed approach to evaluating the effectiveness of the project IS obviously needs to develop and is not unique. Of course, the experts will be used and the criteria for such assessments, such as the reliability of the system, the quality of information, and others.