Umarova Jamal , 3th year student of the specialty " 5B050700 - Management" Sh . A.Baitursynov

Irina Morozova , Senior Lecturer , Department of Information Systems

KSU . A.Baitursynov

At present, the developed countries use some concepts of CISP.

1. The system of enterprise resource planning (often use the following abbreviations: MRP (Material Requirements Planning), MRPII (Manufacturing Resource Plfnning), ERP (Enterprise Resourct Plfnning).

2. The system of logistics management ( SSM - Supply Chain Management).

3. The system of product data management in industrial enterprises ( RDM - Product Development Management).

4. Computer-aided design and technological preparation of manufacture (CAD / CAM - Computer-Aided Design / Manufacturing).

5. Document management system (docflow).

6. Information computerized accounting system (AS - Accounting Information System). Accounting information system supports two main business functions: registration of business operations and decision support. It's part of an information system that is relevant to the assessment, analysis and forecasting of revenue, profits and other economic events on the enterprise as a whole and its sub separately.

7. Reporting system for the analysis of leadership (MS -Management Information System).

8. Systems office workflow (workflow).

9. Wednesday Internet / Intranet.

10 . The e -commerce (e -commerce).

11. Specialized software or systems for other tasks.

The concept MRR - Methodology detailed production planning company, which includes accounting, capacity planning , demand planning in all production resources (materials, raw materials, components, equipment, personnel) , planning of production costs , the simulation speed of production, its accounting, planning of production of finished products , surgical correction of the plan and production problems.

ERP - is a modern concept, which is the development MRR. It allows to monitor not only the production but also other enterprise resources (financial, marketing, etc.). This concept has great functionality, it devote considerable attention to Finance and Decision Support . It provides the ability to plan and manage not only production processes, but also all the activities of the enterprise, to achieve optimization for the latest resources and time. The modern enterprise management system , which corresponds to the concept of ERP include: - Management of the supply chain ;

- Advanced planning and scheduling;

- Sales automation module;

- Stand-alone module, responsible for the configuration;

- The ultimate resource planning;

- Business intelligence, online analytical processing technology;

- E-commerce module;

- Product data management.

Such technologies in modern conditions are : CSRP (Customer Synchronized Resource Planning) - Resource Planning , which is synchronous with the consumer; SCM (Suhhly Chain Management) - supply channel management; CRM (Customer Relationship Management) - Customer Relationship Management. The main essence of the concept of CSRP is to integrate the customer (client, customer, etc.) in the enterprise management system. That is not the sales department , and the buyer places an order directly to the manufacture of products - respectively is solely responsible for its accuracy , he can track the delivery , production , etc. In this case, the company can very accurately track trends in demand, etc.

CRM - a technology relationship management and customer relationship management company, which involves forecasting contracts, tracking, customer service support, maintenance processes orders and sales.