Mussin Ravil Altavovich

Doctoral student, Karaganda State Technical University

Kazakhstan, Karaganda city

Ikonopisceva Ekaterina Olegovna

Student, Karaganda State Technical University,

Kazakhstan, Karaganda city

Burak Julia Sergeevna

Student, Karaganda State Technical University,

Kazakhstan, Karaganda city

Pozdnyakova Irina Yurievna

Teacher, Karaganda State Technical University,

Kazakhstan, Karaganda city


Research of character of a straining of lateral mucks round a mine working with fastening depending on an angle of incidence of a seam and depth of anchoring by contour a file


Keywords: the analytical modeling, the is intense-strained condition, production engineering, by contour a rock mass, fastening of mine workings.

Displays of mountain pressure, condition of maintenance of developments depending on mining and technological parametres are investigated the is intense-deformed condition. Researches have allowed to establish degree of their influence of working out on efficiency of application anchoring fastenings taking out developments and will allow is proved to apply fastening passports, to provide stability of mountain developments and to lower expenses for their carrying out and maintenance.

Maintenance and increase in volume of underground coal mining was possibly only in the presence of highly effective production engineering of conducting and maintenance of the development openings, providing escalating of volumes is mountain-spadework.

The purpose of researches is creation of production engineering of conducting developing (taking out) mine workings on the basis of the revealed regularity of behavior of rock masses bordering on to them, optimization of parametres of technological circuit designs of the spadework providing raise of efficiency of functioning of underground mountain manufacture.

At maintenance of pits with growth of depth of working out of one of the basic problems maintenance of stability of mine workings is. Metal flexible linings of arch type are applied to maintenance of developments on pits of the Karaganda basin and in the restricted volume - anchoring fastening in great volume. Expenses with arch lining application make conducting and fastening of one metre of development 900 - 1000 US dollars, the metal rolling charge makes 0,3 - 1,0 t and charges on maintenance make not less than 10 - 15 % from conducting cost. On 1 million coal at the systems of working out accepted in practice conducting 5,0 - 5,5 km of mine workings that demands essential expenses for preparation taking out sections is required.

Are most subject to rock pressure agency bedded developments. Losses of the square of their cross-section attain 60 - 70 % that leads to that 20 % of developments are annually repaired and retimbered. The share of expenses for conducting, fastening and maintenance of developments attains 15 - 20 % from the cost price of coal mining and in repair of developments are engaged more than 10 % of underground workers.

The weakest link in the solution of questions on raise of efficiency of use of progressive production engineering anchoring fastenings is the insufficient level of scrutiny of aeromechanical processes near to mine workings.

Conditions of maintenance of developments with various aspects of fastening in a zone of agency of a broken working are investigated on an instance of a conveyor subentry 49k10-z walls on pit of Kostenko of coal department of joint-stock company ArselorMittal of Temirtau (the Karaganda area, Republic Kazakhstan). The pulled out seam thickness 10 on the western wing of pit makes 3,7 - 4,0 m. the Direct roofing change on the strike from 3 m to 7 m and is presented by argillites. The basic roofing is combined faintly split by sandstones power of 24-32 m. the Maximum magnitude hollow soils after two years of maintenance of development made 0,55 m. For maintenance of necessary cross-section ahead of a wall on distance of 50-80 m was made undermining a drift on magnitude from 0,5 to 0,6 m.

In drawing 1 the condition of investigated development in a zone subject to agency of a broken working is presented. Optimum conditions of maintenance have been provided on a section of a conveyor subentry 49k10-z by extent of the semiarch form of 50 m, fixed mixed lining (anchors in a combination with MRK) with density 1,33 frames/running metres (drawing 1,a).


a) b)

c) d)

) - mixed lining; b) - headtree deformation.

c) - headtree gust; d) - deformation of racks.

Drawing 1 Condition of a conveyor subentry 49k10-z in a zone of agency of a broken working


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