Educational and Research Institute of 
Economics and Management, NUFT, Ukraine 
Bohdana Skorobahatko 
 Cosmetics is the science of beauty, and saving face young, beautiful and healthy. Nowadays cosmetics occupies an important place as a true science that deals with health and providing beautiful appearance of a person. Cosmetics can improve skin, emphasize strengths and hide flaws appearance.
 Ukrainian market of cosmetic products is one of the most promising among other non-food products, but the share of domestic products is very small. 
The reason is the lack of national quality of raw materials, so a significant part of the ingredients is necessary to supply from abroad, which puts Ukrainian producers dependent on the world market. For domestic manufacturers of cosmetics the main task is to improve quality and safety, it will improve the competitiveness of products.
 The objective of the article is to study the actual problems of cosmetic industry and explore innovative technologies in cosmetics.
 In the domestic market the imported products account about 90% of the total cosmetics. This is the main problem area: the lack of competitive production capacities in Ukraine. 
Inexpensive cosmetics cover 60% of the market, cosmetics medium price segment is 30%, expensive product is about 10%. Most of the products at higher prices are imported, they include world famous brands: Chanel, Estee Lauder, Johnson & Johnson, Mary Key, Procter & Gamble, Yves Rocher, Maybelline, MAC, Clinique, Lancome, Avon.
 In Ukraine, the existing problems in the sphere of state regulation in the development, production and sale of cosmetic products, there is uncertainty rules control the circulation of cosmetic products in the domestic market.
 The actual problem is the falsification of cosmetic products that are in demand among consumers.
 Nowadays it is characteristic of ecological interest of consumers in cosmetic products. For the consumer it is important, first of all, the safety of products that he/she buys. In recent years, along with traditional ingredients in cosmetics, new components, materials, which are the latest science. 
Consumer properties of cosmetic products greatly improved due to the widespread use of known substances, which are not previously been studied (fruit acids, vitamin E, etc.). They can be divided into two main groups: substances that bind moisture and new active substances.
 Accumulation and preservation of water is one of the most important conditions for preserving the skin supple and elastic. Widely began to use extracts from algae, silk proteins. These components are introduced into the expensive cosmetics.
 Components of marine origin are concentrate and extract brown seaweed kelp, seaweed and spirulina fucus, preparations made from salmon eggs. 
Preparations are based on caviar sturgeon and salmon exhibit regenerative and moisturizing effect, improves cellular respiration. Extracts of brown seaweed Laminaria actively nourish skin cells, saturating them B vitamins and PP, contain many carbohydrates, organic acids, minerals and iodine.
 The main function of active substances is to improve skin tone and improve its water balance, enhance blood circulation, chemical peeling the top layer of the epidermis, soothing effect. Recently, the popularity gained market products, fruit acids (AHAs - Alpha Hidrocy Acid). The most common AHAs are glycolic acid, lactic, citric, malic and tartaric.
The quality of cosmetics is extremely sharp and important question. 
Legal and technical support in the cosmetic industry is needed to ensure the safety of cosmetics.
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Scientific supervisor: L. Vlasenko