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Riabotenko I., Chala K.

National University of Food Technologies, Kyiv, Ukraine

Music in Our Life

People cannot live without music. They can listen to music everywhere even in the forest, when they walk and hear birds singing. Music can be classical and modern.

We listen to the music every day and everywhere. But who can tell us what is it music? Some people think that its just arrangement of sounds or voices. But I think its something more. Some people even say that there is no practical use for mankind in music. Its not a food, shelter, medicines and you cannot even touch it. But the other spend all their lives to create it. Music is what follows us almost everywhere at home, at work, in shops, we listen to it while travelling, dreaming, and playing on the computer As far as Im concerned music is a necessary part of my life. I suppose all of us wouldnt be able to live in a way we live now if music didnt exist. And its all because of the enormous influence of music on our lives.

Well, music evokes all kinds of emotions your temper goes up when you listen to a cheerful piece of music, doesnt it? Some songs make you recollect various events and you feel nostalgia, sometimes even anguish. Hundreds of songs are about love and when youre in love you feel these songs are natural for you and the melody and lyrics express exactly what you feel. Serene and clear music washes away your sorrow; soul-elevating songs help to understand that life goes on. On the other hand, music can make you feel anxiety, boredom or even rage if its not the right music for you. I believe that music influences my life a lot. It helps me to grow up, to overcome difficulties, to feel various emotions more deeply. I also listen to songs as background music and, if to choose the right piece of music, its a very useful collaboration. For example, right now Im listening to peaceful sweet melodies and it stimulates my activity. I like listening to my favorite songs, very eloquent and striking, while drawing and painting. Here I should say that the topic and the mood of my pictures usually depend on this music. And I often enjoy listening to music while going somewhere or just strolling down the streets. Firstly it entertains me and makes the trip shorter; secondly it helps to notice the beauty of our town. How wonderful its to watch yellow leaves falling, the sun shining and listen to your favorite songs at the same time.

But the influence of music can be negative, even destructive sometimes. Some musical bands are not musical at all; they dont play music but only make some noise and a monotonous succession of sounds. Scientists say that listening to it may even make your spatial reasoning more difficult. Moreover, the lyrics are not of a high-quality, they are very rude, violent, and primitive and sometimes preach fascism and ruthlessness. Certainly the intake of such music cant appeal to good feelings. Music can also become an obsession. In this case we can say that music is destructive because these people cant enjoy the life entirely.

So, why do different people prefer various kinds of music? The reason for it is that we all have different mental, physical and emotional tendencies. The physical and psychological reactions will differ because of the varying characteristics we have inherited. Each of us has his own spiritual world and chooses the music which is natural for him. In my opinion the choice of music also depends on our age and gender. For instance, children like simple cheerful songs, young lads prefer either rock or rap it entertains them, its lyrics help to find the solution to problems. Lots of teenager-girls are fond of calm songs about love, adults listen to rather simple music as background music while driving to work or reading newspapers. Our Grannies and Granddads like old songs which remind them of their past. Thats why sometimes there is misunderstanding between fathers and sons, girls and boys people dont want to listen to other opinions, dont want to understand we all have different perception of the world.

Nowadays there are numerous genres of music but the main are classical, pop, rock and rap music. The majority of people listen to all kinds of music the name of the genres doesnt play any role for them, songs themselves should be attractive it can be heavy-metal music or a tender clear pop hit. But some people prefer only one genre (for example, classical music) and try to convince everybody that rock or rap are not worth listening to. I cant stand such declarations if a person finds classical music boring it doesnt mean he is stupid! At the same time rock-fans are not always rude as many people think. And I reckon that if more people could make allowances for other opinions there would be fewer conflicts and offences. I think that people refer different music to various genres because music needs to be classified. Without it people just cannot find the song they want. So the aim of classification is comfort not offences. I listen to various music; usually rock, but I also like classical and high-quality pop music. Perhaps I dont listen to rap and hip-hop only, maybe because I am not fond of its lyrics, I prefer indie-rock. Indie means something strange, not usual, and something new. Its not like heavy metal, for example, its much more melodic and personal, I think. Tndie-rock musicians sing about friendship, growing up, growing old, love, politics, the meaning of life so their lyrics arent primitive (like the lyrics of most pop songs), they make you reason. I believe you can find there the answers to your questions. Another reason for my appreciation of Tindie-rock is that the sounds of their music know no bounds besides guitars and drams they can use the piano, the violin, the woodwinds, even the organ! I know lots of songs which were recorded with a symphony orchestra. So we can see that even rock and classical music can get along with each other.

From time to time I listen to light cheerful songs with almost senseless lyrics they raise my mood and help to relax. All in all, my choice of music depends on the situation.

Taking everything into account Id like to say that music is something personal for each human its not just an entertainment but a part of your soul and mind. Thats why choose what you like, not what is popular or considered to be good. Youll be very surprised with results maybe youll see everything from another point of view. And who knows? Music will encourage you to do what you have never dared to do or inspire you to create something so striking that it will change many peoples lives.


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