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Dmitrienko Yu.N., corresponding member of the International academy of sciences of ecology and safety of vital functions, Ph.D., professor (KHDUKHT, Kharkiv)

Dmitrienko I.V., item teacher of University of (Kharkiv)





Modern synergetics of legal consciousness|intelligent| and culture - as strikes the newest methodologies of management unusual ideas and presentations. Revolving|rotary-type| the magic|magic-number| crystal|chrystal| of knowledge other verge, it|her| teaches us to see the world|peace| othergates.

At first|firstly|, get| obvious, that it is impossible to impose the ways of their development the organization systems. The problem of reign over| development acquires|buy|, this|on this grow|, form|shape| of problem of rule | development. Secondly, a synergetics demonstrates|show| us, how and why chaos can come forward in quality of the | beginning|origin|, structural mechanism of evolution. Through|from| chaos connection of different|diverse| levels|Y-level| of organization is carried out. Thirdly, a synergetics testifies that for the difficult|complex| systems, as a rule, there are a few|a little| alternative ways of development. Fourthly, a synergetics opens|reveal| new|firsttime| principles of proposal|, collection|assembling| difficult|complex|, evolutional whole|whole-note| from parts|particle|, constructions of difficult|complex| progress | structures from simple. Fifthly, a synergetics gives|giveth| knowledge about that, how properly to operate | the difficult|complex| systems and how effectively to manage them. It appears|shown|, mainly is not force|strenth|, but correct topological configuration|config|, architecture of influence on the difficult|complex| system ( difficult|complex| environment|Wed|). Litell , but organization | - resonance - influences on the difficult|complex| systems are extraordinarily effective. Po-shoste, a synergetics exposes conformities to law and terms of flowing|leak| of fasts, avalanche-type processes|Carbro| and processes|Carbro| of nonlinear, stimulant growth|height|. It is important|influentially| to understand how it is possible|possibly| to initiate|initiator| such the processes|Carbro| in the opened|reveal| nonlinear environments|Wed|, for example|eg|, in the environment|Wed| of economic|economical|, and which|what| exist requirements|claiming|, allowing to be delivered|save| probabilistic disintegration of difficult|complex| structures near-by the moments of maximal|Max| development. For theoretical authentication of methodological comprehension of postotalitarnogo| life of right, which|what| is|appear| transitional, deviantnum|, on the essence, in and|but| is|appear| consideration of general|common| specific arcwise positive|staid| reflection of | knowledges in traditionally ordinary|usual| to the manner them judicial realization at the level of actual|topical| and from and|but| I (knowledge), his|its| creation, and also his|its| proper awareness, exposition, and mass making public, reflexs |, for example|eg|, after the ideas of Zh. derridi as a book|ecclesiasticus| or book cognition|identification| and knowledge ( cognition|identification|,thought|mindset|), after legalistically logical by signs [1].

Of p r i n c i p l e scientific|science| position of doctor of legal sciences A.A pins the special attention|attn.| in this relation|referring|. Kozlovskogo about a right as cognition|identification|. Putting|stage| a question: What is known in a right?, - a researcher argues that the question|speech| is about something on principle | in a right evidential|conclusive|, about a right which|what| is known, what cognition|identification| related|ties| to the process|Carbro|.In all variants of this question we so or have other the business|affair| with cognition|identification|. Any|some| questions about a right become|stand| questions about cognition|identification| of right. Eventually|after all| a right appears as cognition|identification|, becomes|stands| cognition|identification|. It means that it gives birth as a result of intensive processes|Carbro| of cognition|identification|, functions in form cognitive process|Carbro| and dies off also|too| as a result of cognitive processes|Carbro|. A right exists as cognition|identification|, that is why|that is why| and a right as cognition|identification| is known in a right. Cognition|identification| in a right and there is a right. A not recognisable right becomes|stands| a dead right and that is why there is dont law |... A right is|appear| a spirit|spooky|, his|its| object can be only a man as a spiritual|spirit| value, as a value. Preeminently|exactly| the synergetics of right and sense of justice will be able effectively to answer not such questions.


1. Dmitrienko Yu.N. About the traditional (classic) true|natural| form (type|typestyle|) of sense of justice and legal culture of // The Scientific|science| announcer|bulletin| of the Dnepropetrovsk state|domainal| university of internal affairs. 2008. N 1. 39-45