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Dmitrienko Yu.N., corresponding member of the International academy of sciences of ecology and safety of vital functions, Ph.D., professor (KHDUKHT, Kharkiv)

Dmitrienko I.V., item. teacher Universiteta Idea (Kharkiv)




At the modern crisis state|figure| of sense of justice, which|what| is|appear| deviant|, continues to remain faithful|correct| a thesis is shown out by us thesis about the structural|structure| identity of fundamental methodology of sense of justice as theoretical architectonics of theory of antu crisis | management which|what| in a juridical aspect verifies sense of functional|function| law and order. What do exist progressive determinations|definition| of law and order? Let listen.

"Law and order of composed | in a volume, what every us acknowledge living organization by a in the twinking | center|heartland|, personality|, which have freedom right confession is called guard|, educate and strengthen | for itself this right- confession and| freedom|liberty| ... Without right confession no subject |senza| of right, and|but| have one tragedy dont understand - spiritually|spirit| deserted people||, which in vain reservation of right for a living spirit|spooky|. Then right for show| by the | word|wd| of living | misunderstand|; and order of stature fictious ||, and|but| state| form|shape| of | on death" [1].

In the conditions of today | it is more expedient to be finally delivered from tailings|oddments| of widespread|wide-spread| on the soviet stage looks, in obedience to|according to| which|what| previous|preliminary| state|domainal|, - legal schools and looks were considered|think| anti-scientific, reactionary and subject obligatory criticism [ 2-8].

Hope that the modern becoming of Ukraine as requires the legal state serious study of postotalitarnoi| legal consciousness|intelligent|, his|its| maintenance, as functional|function| form|shape| of right (I.A.Il'in).


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