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Dmitrienko I.V., senior teacher of University of Idea( Kharkiv-Kyiv)

Dmitrienko Yu.N., Ph.D., bread-winner of scientific degree of doctor of legal sciences of the Kievan National research university, the name of T. Shevchenko (Kyiv)




|intelligent| AND CULTURE


Sistemnostrukturna model of study of Ukrainian | legal consciousness|intelligent|, culture, in international discipline| (sinergistical) authentications of essence of |consider|think|, conceptually|concept-based| and hereditarily resounds with methodological directions of scientific|science| secret services 70 - years|Hecht| on the domestic|home| walk of life. To|by| the number of actual|topical| necessities|need| and requirements|claiming| of our time of secret services which|what| probed|explore| system structural|structure| copulas|truss| of scientific|science| theory-practice| constructions of matter|fabric| in different|diverse| relations, will reckon, foremost|first and foremost|, the methodical ideas of V.I.Sviderskogo and R.A.Zobova, till| and functionally|function| assertion in scientific|science| concept|notion| working category "| structure". In theory | different|diverse| copulas theory-practice| |truss| realities of the objective world|peace| of sign|signum| matter|fabric| of natural|real-life| processes|Carbro| in different|diverse| functional|function| relations, predefined character|nature| and qualities of | elements both structural|structure| maintenance relations and system their rate fixing. Researchers characterized functional|function| possibilities|potentialitie| of different|diverse| structures and systems ( in our context are the structyra-sestems of -Y.M.) after in number high-quality|quality| by the parameters of influence on any|some| processes|Carbro| and phenomena|phenomen|. That structyra-sestems which|what| was able to execute|do| | (but and both in the homogeneous and in heterogeneous, terms of creation|making| of certain|definite| maintenance be a | function - what motion|movement| of systems|(structura |) of formative character|nature|. Yes, above all things deviantny| sense of justice as specific legal nature - transgressive variety of sense of justice in the structure of family|hereditary| legal nature, after the idea of V.I. Sviderskogo and R.A. Zobova, will examine|consider| as structurally|structure| system, which|what| inherent | morphology. Namely: after the world view construction such definitions of terminology units are definitions in number high-quality|quality| descriptions of the noted polyphonic connections in different|diverse| relations - have difficult|complex| | essence, can light up maximum qualities of natural|real-life| things|business|, phenomena|phenomen| and processes|Carbro|, or things|business|, phenomena|phenomen| and processes|Carbro| nature of which|what| is not got|identified| to know from different|diverse| sides|side|, to be different|diverse| characteristics, but presence at least of the form main point| phenomenon of every | structure, presumably|perhaps|, is for it|her| t y p i c a l|model||. After such differential definition of the noted polyphonic structure of deviantnoi| sense of justice it|her| structural|structure| and system elements close|near| by traditional (mental) forms|shape| view-legal norm measuring|, but depending on that dominant|leit-motif| untwist| deviation of legal awareness of legal and | reality which|what| is characterized|describe| by the proper legal culture, it|her| spiritual|spirit| and financial of right - | reflections of legal life [|q.v.| 2].

At marginalnomy | and deviantnomy| | the subjects of sense of justice incompletely|stub| realize the social value|importance| of the phenomenon of legal culture as a legal environment|Wed| for creation and development of the legal state and public society. At the standards|model| of transitional, crisis society, with the "| spots of totalitarianism", as author and other researches|work-up|, traditional, mentally structured|structure-forming|, logic of authentication and legmitazasija| of national, legal culture, structured|structure-forming| in legal tradition, testify, as a rule, absent|non-available|, it|her| is created.


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2. Dmitpienko Yu.N. Deviantna sense of justice as form essential| phenomenon of transitional life of right is a //Announcer|bulletin|.Series|sere| are "Philosophy". - : HDPY|. - S. 131-134