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Dmitrienko I.V., senior teacher of University of Idea ( Kharkiv-Kyiv)

Dmitrienko Yu.N., Ph.D., bread-winner of scientific degree of doctor of legal sciences of the Kievan National research university, the name of T. Shevchenko (Kyiv)



At research|work-up| of character|nature| of deviations of legal consciousness|intelligent| it is in a removal the synergistically orientated processes|Carbro| of development of language|speech| of native majority of population or national language|speech| as family|hereditary| linguistic|vocal| legal nature after attitude toward|to| a legal language|speech| as specific legal nature. Posttotalitarni untraditional societies of contemporaneity as new|firsttime| law right| subjects of outer space and new|firsttime| social phenomena which|what| independently build the | paradigm of the world view measuring on lawaksiology| levels|Y-level|, concept | require complex, system integral|whole| study in the structural|structure| plane|flatness| of history, culture, philosophy and on the whole|all in all| that specific, them world view traditions, | measuring and orientations|orintation|, that it is reflected in the language|speech| of native majority of population or in a national language|speech| as belonging of family|hereditary| legal nature at legislative level.

Forming of new|firsttime| legal socially - the valued paradigm in postotalitarnuxsocieties and states, | in Ukrainian and Russian, extraction| through of principle substituting of world view values and traditions | of type|typestyle| by natural|real-life|, mentally mediated. In this connection, the postotalitarna paradigm of world view legal thought|mindset| and legislative measuring of social changes|changing| causes|call| | changes|changing| and phenomena|phenomen| in the system of modern right legislative destructive|degradative| traditions, built on the walk of life of totalitarian experience|tentative| of their creation|making|. We link|couple| modern sociallegal and right | pathologies|pathematoloy| with of conceptually|concept-based| principle violation in the days of totalitarianism of natural|real-life| logic of development irrationally homogeneous of legal tradition as specific legal nature in the structure of etnotradition| ( = national consciousness) as family|hereditary| legal nature, and also with violation of natural|real-life| sequence of its forming, which|what| was historically produced|makes| in the process of world social, legal and legislative evolution [|q.v.|1-2]. Specific value|importance| in this context have language | or law | descriptions of social legislative changes|changing| and ling ally-legal situations in societies and states of transitional types|typestyle| according to sample of postotalitarnukh|. Lingually-legal situations are able to light up conceptually|concept-based| external, legislatively isomorphic|isomorphous| character|nature| and heterogeneous consciousness through|from| essence duality of legal and legislative development of Ukrainian character | and language|speech|, that transgress it appears|shown| in of principle dependence of the last on the final understanding and determination|definition| of them by social legal and legislative values and find ones way| by both world and social, legal subjects. Through the concrete cycle|runddown| of social activity of consciousness, sense of justice and culture, and proper authentic cycle|runddown| of social activity of national language|speech| and legal, apparently, well-off|able| to take place resonance transgress transformation view-valued becoming of nationality or nation in a right legislative aspect as separate | units of the social legal measuring with mental | view-legal cultures in external, | model of mental description of transitional society as concretely historical f o r m s|shape| of the legal state system.

LITERATURE |utillize|

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