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Dmitrienko I.V., senior teacher of University of Idea ( Kharkiv-Kyiv)

Dmitrienko Yu.N., Ph.D., bread-winner of scientific degree of doctor of legal sciences of the Kievan National research university, the name of T. Shevchenko (Kyiv)




At for some time past the Ukrainian legists increase attention|attn.| to|by| the inheritance|legacy| of large|great| foreign legists of the pas, probing|explore| it|her| from new|firsttime| actual|topical| positions. Time came, when possibility|potentialitie| came not only to criticize, but also creatively to develop actual|topical| for Ukraine XXI in. ideas of legal acknowledgment| of authoritative western thinkers. As the known researcher of legal studies B.C marks|note|. Nersesyants, there is a necessity to lean against experience|tentative| of the pas at development|elaboration| of new|firsttime| theoretical conceptions, on historically humanism traditions which was folded|gotes| and approved as common to all mankind value [1]. In this relation|referring| . Pufendorf, using|utillize| the elements of anthropological approach in the politico law | studies, tried|attempt| to connect|confounding| the right ideas of different|diverse| forms|shape| of legal consciousness|intelligent|, characteristic|character| for the forms|shape| of rationalism of natural|real-life| sense of justice with the legal ideas of | orientation|directionality|. Concentrating|focusing| attention|attn.| on country law consciousness|intelligent| of individual not only within the limits of the universal system of absolute|natural| law but also at the terms of concrete social reality, Pufendorf to a certain extent|up to a point| provided for and considerably|signficantly| developed a sociological right for understanding and law- confession |, what substantially approached the positive|staid| forms|shape| of sense of justice to|by| their sinergistical prospects. Preeminently|exactly| | positive|staid| law- confession | of Pufendorfa stipulated contradictions|contradiction| in the estimation|appraisal| of his|its| creation the West-European thinkers. Conception of co-operation of country law | consciousness|intelligent| and individual (in his|its| concrete understanding as states and individual) is built from the row|file| of ideas. A central|center| place|seat| occupies|borrow| in it|her| idea of rights for an individual, which|what| hatches from the natural|real-life| necessities|need| of man on life, freedom|liberty| propert, formative | catalogue|directory| of absolute|natural| laws of man. The special value|importance| in conception of Pufendorfa gets an idea legal of centralized, but not simply|uniquel| distributive on branches|branch|, organizations of the system of state power. In politico law consciousness|intelligent| of Pufendorfa realizable attempt of distinction of civil|citizen| society and state, civil|citizen| sense of justice, and country law |. Pufendorf offered the elaborate design of contractual|agreed| relations between the state and individual. After conception of Pufendorfa a limit|border| is between absolute country law consciousness|intelligent| and individual|first-aid| - relative, this country law consciousness|intelligent| plays a substantial role in determination|definition| of the last. The additional guarantee|warrantly| of observance of rights for an individual is|appear| realization of idea of legality both in activity of public organs and in the actions|act| of individuals. A static|tiedown| right comes forward in conception of Pufendorfa that maintenance which links|couple| normatively legal and ideological world view relations of different|diverse| forms|shape| of country law and individual|first-aid| legal consciousness|intelligent| and culture. It comes forward in Pufendorfa as a right is objective and as a right is subjective, process| is formed as subjective and objective legal consciousness|intelligent| [2-4]. Objective sense of justice arises up by a grant the state of rights to give|publish| out an order, to discuss them and judicially carry|perform| out, based on a cleverness and justice, and|but| subjective (positive|staid|) sense of justice arises up through|from| rational establishment of naturalness|real-life| of freedom|liberty| of man, which requires obligatory verification its law, his|its| norms|standard|. |



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