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Dmitrienko I.V., senior teacher of University of Idea ( Kharkiv-Kyiv)

Dmitrienko Yu.N., Ph.D., bread-winner of scientific degree of doctor of legal sciences of the Kievan National research university, the name of T. Shevchenko (Kyiv)




Actuality of the scientific|science| article is predefined theoretical and practical meaningfulness of questions of correlation of private and public right, judicially carried out as private and public sense of justice of workers of the Ukrainian enterprises, decision, what is|appear| not only a general theoretic problem. Having the brightly|flamingly| expressed|signify| pragmatic character|nature|, co-operation of private and public sense of justice provides|secure| a judicial right for the state on interference (within the limits of such interference|intervention|) with private life of citizens, in and other economic|economical|, enterprise, spheres.

Terms|term| public sense of justice, private sense of justice, in spite of|regardless of| developed of concepts|notion| public law, private right not known from ancient times|time|. After the ideas of the ancient Roman|Rome| lawyers|lawer|, dismember all industry|branch| of sense of justice on two large|great| spheres sphere of sense of justice public (jus| publicum|) and sphere of sense of justice private (jus| privatum|) after the criteria of the official|formal| theoretical and practical distributing|division| of right on public and private. Historical betweens by private sense of justice, which removes|reflects| essence judicial specification of private legal relationships, and it is possible public sense of justice, which removes|reflects| essence judicial specification | of public legal relationships, to characterize|describe| the state|figure| of permanent confluence|infall| that et al forms|shape|, from what public and private sense of justice go|proceeds| out only gradually by deceleration or acceleration of the history law becoming of the proper forms|shape| of legal culture. Thus|on this grow|, a major problem, as well as before|earlier|, a search|detect| of criteria which allow to conduct differentiating between public and private sense of justice is|appear|, and also to select that or other industry|branch| of legal reflection by certain|definite| sense of justice and it|her| by a dominant|leit-motif| form|shape| in a separate institute|institution| and even concrete norm|standard| of law acknowledge to|by| public or private sense of justice. The basic|main| value|importance| of this distributing|division| consists in that for his|its| help appears|shown| possible|possibly| to present|imagine| the general|common| picture|painting| of reflection of legal reality sense of justice, it|her| general|common| judicial contours|streamline|, to see general|common|, special, specific| processes|Carbro| |, communication, and mental of private and public sense of justice, which|what| the legal system of national sense of justice of certain|definite| country consists of|from|, it|her| static|tiedown| and process right on the whole|all in all| and others like that. Therefore, distributing|division| of Ukrainian sense of justice on private and public, is|appear| distributing|division| of the conceptual|concept-based|, valued order [1].

Private sense of justice, as well as private right, and public sense of justice, as well as public law, being high-quality|quality| different|diverse| industries|branch| judicially legal adjusting|adjustment|, in the aggregate related|ties| to bases|foundation| of | a particular branch judicial right, touching|concern| his|its| place|seat| and role in life of people, determining|attributive| values. Co-operation of public and private sense of justice represents law - process| mobile|locomotive| balance of interests of legal and political forces|strenth| of modern form|shape| of country law consciousness|intelligent|, political system, mechanisms of management, measures|step| of freedom|liberty| and independence of citizens. Problem of correlation of private and public interests in publican |and examined|consider| the private form|shape| of sense of justice in different|diverse| aspects. Achievement of objective balance of private and public interests by|by means of| differentiating of private and public sense of justice is|appear| one of terms of development and co-operation of Ukrainian civil|citizen| society and legal state.


1. Dmitrienko Yu.N. Going near|to| research|work-up| valued-semantic spheres of sense of justice of the Ukrainian young people // Announcer|bulletin| of the Zaporozhia legal institute|institution|. N 3 (40). - Zaporizhzhya: ZYUI, 2007. - P. 54-62