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Dmitrienko I.V., senior teacher of University of Idea ( Kharkiv-Kyiv)

Dmitrienko Yu.N., Ph.D., bread-winner of scientific degree of doctor of legal sciences of the Kievan National research university, the name of T. Shevchenko (Kyiv)




During|for| XX age|century| the ideologists of most developed in the economic relations of the states asserted that economy|economical| growing, democracy and personal|private| happiness of every individual, indissolubly connection between itself. The ideological function of the state appears|imagines| today one of major in the realization, mainly|par excellence|, due to difficult|complex| logic of transitional legal and political consciousness|intelligent| and, accordingly|according|, tests|feel| strong influence from the side of this forms|shape| of public sense of justice. There is a requirement|need| in the study of legal and political consciousness|intelligent| in their unity and difference during realization of ideological function of the state as typically|model| legal. To every state a peculiar|lnherent| specific ideological function is both typically|model| legal and as a function of country law consciousness|intelligent|, which it|her| carries|performs| out as present, and it is hidden. In the system of ideology of the state as major component parts|portion| enter|login| the idea of legal and political consciousness|intelligent|, and also complex ideas, mechanism of their interpretation. In a positive|staid| right maintenance positively legal (subjectively legal) the forms|shape| of Ukrainian sense of justice legalized setting legal, and|but| through|from| them and political ideology the states which set|establish| legal procedures|proc|, | imperious|masterful| relations. It is possible to select two legal models of realization of ideological function of the state: idea| and manipulation|. The first|first-run| models are characterized|describe| support on the opened|reveal| legal form|shape| of the use|utillizing| of methods of realization the ideological function of the state, and|but| second|second-| by the washed out state|domainal| ideology, with support on the hidden form|shape| of the use|utillizing| of methods of realization of ideological function of the state (decrees with a vulture|griffin| Secretly|occultly| but|yes| other). Political and legal consciousness|intelligent| are characteristic|character| characteristics, and also contain|maintain| specific other and other spring | legal ideas which|what| is determined these properties|virtue|. Intercommunication|relationship| of legal and political consciousness|intelligent|, culture, appears|shown| in intercommunication|relationship| of this legal ideas in the system of ideology of the state, in a positive|staid| right which represents its maintenance as maintenance of legal consciousness|intelligent|, and also in political documents|paper| which represent elements of political ideology in proper arch fact | | of Ukrainian legal consciousness|intelligent| and culture. Legal consciousness|intelligent| interprets ideas which is included in the system of state|domainal| ideology, actually|in fact|, as native, legalistically, by|by means of| their substitution procedure|proc|. Political consciousness|intelligent| interprets this ideas richly in content and teleological |. Differences between legal and political interpretation of elements of state|domainal| ideology make|fold| the major aspect of realization of ideological function of the state. In this aspect the ideological function of the state presents the function of legal consciousness|intelligent| function of the normative adjusting|adjustment| of reality, priority|precedency| of norms|standard| of sense of justice above|over| the norms|standard| of static|tiedown| right and country law consciousness|intelligent| as a mechanism of the legal adjusting|adjustment| of public relations [1]. By|by means of| the ideological function the state determines forming of legal and political consciousness|intelligent| of citizens, which is instrumental|assists| in strengthening|boostering| of the public system of values, achievement of socially useful|benefit| aims, facilities of direct ideological influence on citizens by active politico law education, socialization and forming of active legal culture.


1. Dmitrienko| Yu|. Actual| of aspects| of| of Ukrainian| of legal| consciusness| and| consciusness| of| politician| at| implantation| of| ideological| function| the| state|. - Nr| 2 (2) 2007. Przemysl|: Sp|. z.o.o of Nauka| and studia|, 2007. 20-24