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Dmitrienko I.V., senior teacher of University of Idea (Kharkiv-Kyiv)

Dmitrienko Yu.N., Ph.D., bread-winner of scientific degree of doctor of legal sciences of the Kievan National research university, the name of T. Shevchenko (Kyiv)




After the specific of Ukrainian country law consciousness|intelligent| of employees|collaborator| of Ukrainian undertaking|, as well as country law consciousness|intelligent| of employees|collaborator| of enterprises of other countries participants of the newly independent States in their country law development unhardness to find|expose| out general|common| in main|head| - in aspiration to create strong consciousness|intelligent|, when, both Ukrainian sense of justice and to sense of justice of other former|quondam| soviet states, positively identified the constituents of world sense of justice, capable|clever| right to remove|reflect| domestic|home| legal reality in the context of world and as world. But it should be noted that realization of many legal ideas and practical steps|footpace| of guidance of countries of Concord in this direction restrains temper the row|file| of human and objective factors, including passing of rates|tempo| of forming of national forms|shape| of consciousness|intelligent| and sense of justice of employees|collaborator| of enterprises, in relation to the scientific|science| ground of conception of development of the national state system at the terms of the final permanent prevailing|dominate| of remaining functions of posradjanskoi form|shape| of sense of justice. In this connection, becoming and development of national forms|shape| of sense of justice quite often are carried out not on the adjusted methods of scientific|science| design|imagineering|, but remind|reminding| the method of tests and errors|mistake|. The old forms|shape| of sense of justice collapse, and then|and then| recommences|restores| anew, without|senza| the account of old succession of former|quondam| soviet socialistic sense of justice, the traditional are cast|reject| aside and proclaimed new|firsttime| geopolitical forms|shape|. Undeveloped of general|common| theory of sense of justice, that took into account both historical experience|tentative| of evolution of national sense of justice and modern socio-political realities, negatively affects|designated| quality constitutionally legal adjusting|adjustment| of processes|Carbro| of construction functioning of leading institutes|institution| of new|firsttime| independent forms|shape| of sense of justice and country|. After the conducted researches|work-up| [1-2] of origin of country law form|shape| of consciousness|intelligent| as social phenomenon| is|appear| the logical link of process|Carbro| of creation|making| people as by the subjects of sense of justice of the biologically|life-form| not set mechanism of existence. A concept|notion| country law consciousness|intelligent| in the category vehicle of theory of the state and right executes|implement| a row|file| judicially explanatory|, right identifying, | and right verifying functions, which exposes the rich in content and formality juridical specific of the different|diverse| stages of this process|Carbro| in direction of forming of sovereign country law | consciousness|intelligent|, his|its| institutes|institution|. In the wide value|importance| a concept|notion| country law | consciousness|intelligent| is engulfed|wrap-round| by the complex of elements, structures, institutes|institution| of public power, organization and forms|shape| of functioning of which|what|, on the different|diverse| stages of development of socialism | predefined historically difficult|complex|, economic|economical|, political, socialismcultural| originality of concrete people|peoples| or group of people|peoples|, traditional form|shape| of consciousness|intelligent| and sense of justice. From the moment of origin of Ukrainian country law consciousness|intelligent| and state system of independent Ukraine, them the personal touch was an ethnic variety, and|but| by leading principle of decision of national question is principle of unity in a variety, actually|in fact| except| country law forms|shape| of consolidation of sense of justice of other Etnichnuch| concords.


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