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Dmitrienko I.V., senior teacher of University of ( Kharkiv-Kyiv)

Dmitrienko Yu.N., Ph.D., bread-winner of scientific degree of doctor of legal sciences of the Kievan National research university, the name of T. Shevchenko (Kyiv)




In history of Ukraine Great Patriotic war is|appear| the substantial, cored stage of Second|second-| of war, its results|total| occupy|borrow| an especially|in particular case| important place|seat|, as they influenced on all subsequent|consequent| evolution of slavonic society. Value|importance| of legal consciousness|intelligent| in the days of Great Patriotic war. | But after its completion|ending| new|firsttime| tasks|task| which|what| need it was to be also immediately decided|settle| appeared before a former|quondam| soviet government. In spite of the fact that|although| researches|work-up|, devoted the problems of forming of mass consciousness|intelligent| and sense of justice, appeared lately, the basic|main| methods|heliochrome| of introduction|introducting| of propagandist legal stereotypes are analysed, mass legal consciousness|intelligent| remains not studied|trained|, there are levels|Y-level| even on a necessity. After |researches|work-up| the basic|main| legal categories of mass soviet sense of justice were: faith in people|peoples|, socialistic ideals, folk|national| hopes, eliminations|nuke| of inequality|unevenness| and exploitations|maintainance|, love to|by| Motherland but|yes| other A period 1945-1953 presented wide | purposeful legal policy|politics| from to introduction|introducting| of legal | in wide mass sense of justice, that served as the objective factors of mass total | of former|quondam| soviet legal consciousness|intelligent| and culture. Researches|work-up| of problem of state|domainal| influence on mass legal consciousness|intelligent| and culture are important not only for understanding of history of Ukrainian sense of justice but also in an order to produce|make| legal frameworks|foundation| of counteraction any|some| to manipulations with consciousness|intelligent| and sense of justice of people. Except for that, research|work-up| of history of forming of mass sense of justice in post-war years will allow to answer a question about correlation of human and objective factor of becoming and development of Ukrainian legal consciousness|intelligent| and culture, that stipulated such preeminently|exactly|, but not other legal policy|politics| of authorities of this period [1].

There are tasks|task|: 1. To select factors which determined the evolution of consciousness|intelligent| and culture. 2. Pproanalizuvati soviet system of legal of post-war time, in particular on territory of Ukraine, to define its evolution and elements. 3. To probe|explore| the mechanism of influence on consciousness|intelligent| and culture at post-war years. 4. To rotin the role of mass medias in forming of mass sense of justice in 1945-1953. 5. To analyse sense of justice of representatives of folk|national| education|formation| as maintenance of certain|definite| |. 6. To find|expose| out the factors of strengthening|boostering| of consciousness|intelligent| for|after| 1945-1953.




1. Zolina E. S. Kontseptsii western political scientists about the processes|Carbro| of | of soviet society (50-80th ). Dis. ... .i.n. - M 1992.