Possibilities of using red bauxite sludge in construction


  • OT Aitbay Республика Казахстан
  • ZhA Shashpan Республика Казахстан


A constant increase in the volume of products of the metallurgical industry entails an increase in anthropogenic impact on the environment in the form of accumulated production waste. As a result, the urgency of the problem of recycling by retrieval of the contained useful components increases. In the Pavlodar region, sludge from alumina production is one of the types of such waste. In addition to the issue of storage (dust formation, soil impact) of existing waste, the urgent problem is the preparation of new sludge settlers, which are usually suitable lands for agricultural activities. In the production of aluminum, bauxite is used as the main raw material, as a result of which waste is generated in large quantities in the form of aqueous suspensions of dispersed particles - sludges. About one ton of alumina produces about four tons of sludge. A characteristic feature of bauxite sludge is a high content of iron and aluminum oxides. For the production of building materials, nepheline, bauxite, sulfate, white and mono-calcium sludges are of industrial importance. Bauxite is used at the aluminum smelter; accordingly, bauxite sludge is a waste.


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