Pedagogical management in the system of professional training of specialists


  • ЕВ Миллер Республика Казахстан


The notion of "management" firmly entered into the everyday life of various fields of knowledge. However, the essence and the value of this concept are largely determined by the specificity of the object of control. An important aspect of system management is the presence of feedback, which is one of the most important features of management. There are many definitions of "governance". Management – the functions of the systems of different nature (biological, social, technical etc.) ensure the preservation of their specific structure, maintenance mode activities and the implementation of the program goals [1]. Management – the process of purposeful influence of the subject to the object, and change the last as a result of exposure [2]. The management is needed in order to create favorable external and internal circumstances – condition for effective joint activity of people. Management is aimed at ensuring the objective and subjective conditions in such proportions and in such a combination that allows you to achieve your goals. Any activity as a system of subject-object and subject-subject relations has the property of controllability, and, therefore, made with the help of management.


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