Vision on intercultural education in France


  • OM Rak Украина


“Актуальные достижения европейской науки – 2017” “Филологические науки” 3.Теоретические и методологические проблемы  исследования языка. Intercultural education was introduced to the French school in 1970, almost a century after the creation of the free, compulsory and secular school by Jules Ferry which had happened in 1880. Today, this current seems to be running out of steam. The difficulties which led to its outbreak have not disappeared yet. The school visited children of immigrant origin for a few years but the number of newcomers is currently increasing. The difficulties of integration and the failure of schooling are still relevant and concern more and more pupils. First of all, it seems necessary to define the terms used in the expression of intercultural education, since these two words can receive multiple meanings. According to C. Clanet (1993), we will define education as "an action by an adult who is in charge for the physical, intellectual and moral development of a young person and his or her integration into the environment in which he or she is destined to live". This definition emphasizes the need to adapt teaching process to the environment. According to C. Clanet (1993), the term intercultural introduces the notions of different exchanges and difficulties in relations between cultures. Interculturality would be the "whole of the processes – psychic, relational, group, institutional ... generated by the interactions of cultures, in a relationship of reciprocal exchanges and with a view to safeguarding a relative cultural identity of the partners in relation". Thus, the term intercultural refers to a particular mode of interactions and interrelations, occurring when different cultures come into contact, as well as all the changes and transformations in the resultof repeated or prolonged contacts. Therefore, interculturalism implies a relationship and a dialogue between different cultures, through the subjects carrying these cultures (Giraud, 1995). An intercultural situation is a situation in which individuals, groups and even institutions from different cultural backgrounds meet and interact.





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