Дослідження Flutter як сучасного рішення для розробки мобільних застосунків


  • РС Сытник Украина


In this work, we have investigated the behavior of model solutions of sodium chloride in order to study and understand the processes occurring in liquid systems during the production of pumped ice. The temperature regime determines, first of all, the speed of the freezing process. Temperature in the range of positive and negative values affects the rate of reactions, the solubility of compounds, the rate of dissolution, coagulation, as well as the concentration of dissociated ion pairs. There are several types of temperature in solutions: structural, freezing point. The temperature of the beginning of crystallization (freezing point) is the temperature at which, as a result of cooling the solution, crystals begin to form. Lowering the freezing point ΔТ is the difference between the freezing point of a pure solvent and a solution [1]. The freezing point of the solution is always lower than the freezing point of pure water and depends on the concentration of dissolved salts. This dependence for solutions can be expressed by the equation: where K - is the coefficient of proportionality; C - is the concentration of the solute in the solution.


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