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The result of any industrial economic and commercial activities depends largely on the competence and creativity of management personnel, deep enough knowledge of a particular economy, the legislative framework and social aspects of management. At present, productivity is an important economic category that describes not only the degree of labor resources in the enterprise, but also the efficiency of the whole market system as a whole. The fundamental direction of the new market system should be stabilized domestic production and growth of the basis of productivity. Productivity is an important economic category, which shows the ratio of produced tangible or intangible benefits and the amount spent on this work. That productivity growth means increasing the wealth produced without increasing labor costs. Increase productivity provides increased real product and income, and therefore it is an important indicator of economic growth. Productivity reflects the degree of effectiveness of the work. Depending on the direct or inverse ratio are two indicators of labor productivity, output and labor input. Output - is the amount of output per unit of time or number of products, which accounts for the average worker or a worker for a year, quarter, month. Complexity - a measure that characterizes expenses per unit of time. There are some methods of measuring productivity: natural, labor cost. Natural output indicators most accurately reflect the dynamics of productivity, but can be applied only in companies producing similar products. Employment indicators need to work with well-established technical regulation and accounting work. Mainly they are used in the workplace, stations, shops, producing diverse products.


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