Knowledge structures representation in phraseological units


  • ГБ Орынбекова Республика Казахстан
  • АА Таджибаева Республика Казахстан


Analyzing the semantic structure of phraseological units (PhU), we come to the conclusion that they differ on degree of relevance to the plot, namely: • PhU with an irrelevant plot, or facultative and fable, the lexical components of which possess the independent figurative senses, and the figurative motivation is clear also without knowledge of the plot (to cast the first stone, daily bread); •PhU with a high-relevant plot, or a fable, characterized by direct dependence of figurative motivation on degree of popularity of the background plot (Pandora's box, Solomon’s wisdom, Sodom and Gomorrah, Cassandra’s warnings, a thread of Ariadne); • The intermediate group – PhU with a low-relevant plot at which components of phraseological meaning is reproduced generally but figurative motivation isn't clear up to the end without knowledge of the plot (to cut the Gordian knot, to worship the golden calf]. Such PhU can be considered as hints to the background plots; background plots, being reduced in respect of expression, perform function of signs of these or those situations.





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