Types of linguoculturemes


  • КФ Рамазани Республика Казахстан
  • АА Таджибаева Республика Казахстан


It is obvious to say that an extremely important role in the world picture representation is assigned to culture relevant language units – linguoculturemes. Unlike a word , a linguocultureme includes not only linguistic meaning, but also the cultural (non-linguistic) sense. For example, the word pub stands for “a public house” (linguistic meaning). But it is of great cultural significance for the English people. In Great Britain pubs serve as places where people gather to relax; some of them spend all their evenings after a hard working day there in a good company in order to discuss business affairs or political issues in a more comfortable atmosphere. Russian scholar V. Vorobyov suggested the term “linguoculturemes” to denote culture relevant language units (Vorobyov, 2008). Linguocultureme – is a complex, interlevel language unit, a dialectical unit of both linguistic and extralinguistic factors, the correlation between the form of a verbal sign, its semantic content and cultural sense (Campbell, 2009). Linguoculturemes can be expressed by various language forms including words, word combinations, text fragments, phraseological units, stylistic devices, syntactical structures and even the whole text. The sources of linguoculturemes can be different in every culture, for example, realia, geographical position, descriptive text, names of famous people, description of place, myths, legends, climate, images, beliefs, food, clothes customs and traditions. Accordingly, linguoculturemes can be presented by non-equivalent lexicon, anthroponyms, mythologemes, phraseological units, paroemia, speech forms of etiquette, image-bearing means, etc. Widely known of it are the followings: Realia. It can be divided in different categories: -geographical realia: canyon, rancho; names of plants: honey-dew (медвянаяроса), names of animals: grizzly (большой серый медведь). -ethnographical realia: everyday life and household use words-hamburger, hot-dog, parka (одежда эскимосов), saloon etc.


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