• КЮ Андриенко Украина
  • ИА Максимова Украина
  • МН Межерицкий Украина
  • ВВ Россихин Украина


The main goal of universities is to train highly qualified specialists who meet the requirements of the modern labor market, have fundamental knowledge and the necessary professional skills, are capable of further self-education, implementing the basic concept of higher education - to study throughout life. Teachers of higher education institutions are constantly looking for effective forms of organization of the educational process. The organization of students' independent work has an important role in the educational process. “If our children want to be truly educated people, they should acquire education by independent studies,” wrote N.G. Chernyshevsky. Homework is one of the essential components of the educational process, playing an important role in mastering the material. No matter how carefully the student listens to lectures, no matter how actively involved in practical exercises, without consolidating the knowledge gained, it is impossible to successfully and fully study the program material. The importance of homework is due to the following reasons. 1. A concentrated assimilation of the studied material takes place in the audience, while the acquired knowledge is transferred to short-term memory and quickly forgotten. Because of this, it is inappropriate to write tests and independent work for a final check at the end of the lesson on a topic just covered. Such works can only serve to find out how carefully and thoughtfully the student was engaged. As a rule, most of the group writes these works well, but after a week similar tasks cause great difficulties. 2. Better mastery of the material is possible only with its repeated independent understanding, repetition. Thus, the effect of long-term acquired knowledge is achieved. 3. The ability to independently process information improves critical thinking and is essential for developing students' creative skills. 4. Homework contributes to the rational organization of time, improving self-discipline, self-government. In order for homework to be effective, certain principles must be followed.





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