Methodical bases of estimation of level of management of marketing in the contracting construction organizations


  • Y Maksymiuk Украина


In order to improve the management of marketing activities of construction organizations, their market orientation, to obtain investment opportunities, it is necessary to evaluate the level of marketing purposefully and timely manage them. In modern economic literature there are no specially developed methods for analyzing marketing management in construction organizations. Analysis of the works of domestic and foreign scientists in the field of evaluation of the state of marketing management allowed to distinguish the main methodological method for the analysis of the level of marketing management of contracting construction organizations - questioning the managers of the organization through questionnaires [1, 2]. It should be noted that existing techniques offer an assessment of the status or effectiveness of an industrial enterprise marketing management system and have several advantages, among which are: focus solely on the study of the marketing component of the industrial enterprise management process; the suitability of techniques for its use as individual industrial enterprises, and in the comprehensive study of trends in the industry, region, etc.; the possibility of independent use of techniques by enterprises, since they have virtually no conventions and generalizations;


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