Pedagogical conditions for the successful teaching of mathematics


  • R Zhuparkhan Республика Казахстан


To form the success of student learning in the process of studying mathematics, the right pedagogical conditions are needed. The creation of such conditions allows students to develop the ability to generalize mathematical material, to identify the main thing, to identify the common in different examples and tasks, the ability to shorten the process of reasoning, think in convoluted structures, the ability to logical thinking, the desire for simplicity, clarity, economy and rationality of decisions, which is the basis for the development of mathematical abilities. Professionally significant are such qualities of a teacher’s personality that, meeting the requirements of pedagogical activity, are a necessary condition for the effectiveness of this activity. These qualities can be considered: - pedagogical goal-setting - the quality of the teacher’s personality, which allows setting pedagogical goals and achieving, rebuilding them depending on changes in the conditions of the pedagogical situation; - pedagogical thinking is such a quality of the teacher’s personality that allows you to analyze, generalize and transform the pedagogical situation, make a decision on the choice and use of the means of pedagogical influence that are appropriate for this situation, creatively create new means of pedagogical influence on students; - pedagogical observation - the quality of the teacher’s personality, allowing him to penetrate into the essence of the underlying processes of the pedagogical situation by external, insignificant signs; - pedagogical intuition - such a quality of the teacher’s personality that provides instant adoption of the correct pedagogical decision in difficult situations;


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