Features of the structure and development of the financial market of Kazakhstan


  • J Seitkhozhina Республика Казахстан
  • D Arapov Республика Казахстан


The financial market of a modern developed state traditionally consists of two large segments: the bank loan market and the securities market. The structure of the financial market of Kazakhstan consists of several markets: money, deposit, credit, currency, stock, pension and insurance. The money market plays a primary role in the financial market since cash is the basis of any financial instrument. Money market functions: payment, accounting function, securing commercial lending, etc. Taking into account the peculiarities of the Kazakhstan financial market, the following segments of the money market can be distinguished: 1. Cash market (banknotes). The circulation of cash funds mediates the turnover of goods on the market. The population uses cash by transferring it in the form of banknotes or coins that are legal tender, as payment for goods and services, when exchanging currencies at exchange offices, when providing loans, etc. 2. The market for checks. Payments by checks are made by means of written orders of the payer to his Bank to pay a certain amount from his account. Checks can be a settlement, cash, roading, registered, bearer, and order.


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