The Method to Determine Multispectral Temperature


  • VA Poryev Украина
  • SK Kushnir Украина


In the modern pyrometry a multiple conventional temperatures, such as the radiation temperature, brightness temperature and the temperature of spectral ratio. At the same time the true temperature at the surface’s body is the thermodynamic temperature specific to the state of the surface. We propose the new method to determine the thermodynamic temperature based on using the multispectral television evaluation tool (ET). In generalized form the spectral signal of the ET could be written as where /is the spectral signal, / is some constant irrelevant in this discourse since it is not decisive in temperature measurement, / is the body’s surface brightness, /is the emission ratio, /is the spectral characteristics (SC) of the ET,/is the wavelength used in the signal measurement, T is the surface temperature. Given the assumption that the emission ratio is linear in the range of /, we can define the intermediate emission ratios on the near wavelengths /as such:





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