Certain trends of specialization in economic monitoring in terms of functional development of control systems territorial scope of agri-production systems


  • Sergey Tkachenko Украина


Quality monitoring of the functioning of the current economic conditions in the functional development of the control systems of the territorial scope of agri-food production systems depends entirely on the work with the staff. Reasonable, harmonious organizational structure and coherent system management tools give the desired effect only if the economic monitoring science, art and skill of application of its principles and methods will own staff management apparatus. This refers to those professionals who perform various system functions, such as the preparation of input data to work on digital electronic machines, as well as directors of economic-analytical problems and, more importantly, users of economic monitoring tasks. In terms of functional development of systems of management of territorial production systems in the scope of agri-economic monitoring outlined certain trends of specialization. Specialization divides economic and analytical work on the following: methodological development, system solutions, setting goals, writing programs, and others. Such specialization makes a significant difference in the function of the personnel in these circumstances justified to speak is not an economist at all or even economic analysts, but of economic analysts, the methodology, business analysts, systems engineering, economic analysts Director tasks and much more. The leading groups of the personnel engaged in monitoring economic conditions functionally advanced systems management of territorial production systems, agro-food sector, should be the composition of a few highly qualified specialists in theoretical and methodological development and system management solutions. The main objective of economic analysts, methodologists is to develop or binding to the conditions of association (enterprise) standard instructional and teaching materials for Economic Monitoring, as well as its organization on the basis of the objectives of increasing production efficiency and improving the quality of work. That economic analysts, methodologists and determine the direction of the front work to other staff. Therefore, they must deeply know the current state of the theory and practice of economic monitoring of the activities of associations and enterprises, well-versed in economics and organization of production, planning and accounting, to the principles and objectives of production and business activities, to be sufficiently familiar with the capabilities of modern computer technology and the principles of functional development of information processing and more. The leading specialists should include ekonomstov analysts and systems engineering. Their task - to prepare decisions system-wide nature, in particular the development of the logical structure of economic-analytical database, charting information communications complex tasks of economic monitoring, development of organizational and technological schemes of solving the problems, the formation of the requirements for functional and providing subsystems in a functionally advanced systems management of territorial production systems, agri-food sector and more. Implementation of this work requires the business analysts, system integrators good knowledge of techniques of economic monitoring, broad erudition in the information aspects of the economic monitoring function, as well as in the field of technology and functional development of data processing, and more. Economists, analysts, directors and programmers tasks are the most numerous of the personnel involved in the sphere of economic monitoring. The duties of these specialists include the development and monitoring of the operation of the complex economic and analytical tasks. Economist Analyst director should have a good knowledge of techniques of economic monitoring and practices of his organization in unions and businesses, to understand the peculiarities of information security problems and economic monitoring in a functionally advanced systems management of territorial production systems, agro-food sector, to know at least one algorithmic language programming, have a good idea of the possibilities of the technical means by which it is supposed to improve the process of problem solving and more. Experience shows that without proper knowledge of the information, software and technical aspects of the development of correct productions economic-analytical tasks impossible. Important requirements for programmers to develop programs meet the challenges of economic monitoring. These experts should be able to make flowcharts and programs that implement any algorithm; to assess the comparative capabilities of different programming languages as applied to specific problems; use of modern programming tools; to be able to rationally organize the translation and debug programs efficiently organize computing process, the possibility of optimal use of technical means; to be able to allocate a standard procedure in the development of specific programs; Know the system software of electronic digital machines, and more. The desired condition is the knowledge of the principal provisions of programmers economic monitoring techniques. Only if this is achieved the necessary understanding between programmers and directors of the challenges of economic monitoring and reduced development time and debugging.





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