The contents of account information is in accordance to the organizational structure of hotel


  • ЮА Маначинська Украина


The regarding hotel industry accredited by the form of state registration business activity through the government regulation bodies of Ukraine; assignment hotel category, certification of hotel services, mandatory medical examination of property. Each kind of state regulation has the purpose of regulating legal and regulation and organization accredited for the registration compliance up the system of state regulation the hotel industry [1]. Assigning a certain category of hotel depends on the range of services provided, material and technical equipment of the hotel; Location of the hotel; training staff. Categories of hotels are indicated by «*». Only five categories – from one star to five stars. Hotel Category indicates in its documents on the sign in advertising. These categories are assigned to hotels based on STST 28681.4-95 «Tourist and excursion service. Classification of hotels» [2]. In the organizational structure of enterprises hotel industry can provide basic, additional and ancillary structural units, the first directly support the implementation of principal operating activities of granting residence; second – responsible for other major and additional paid services that are not directly related to the accommodation, and the last – the process of providing the hotel (Figure 1). According to state building codes of Ukraine «Buildings. Hotels» [3] of the hotels may include groups such facilities and services: residential, cultural, recreational, sports and recreation, health, consumer services and trade, catering, business activities, administration and operation services, facilities service built-adjoined businesses and institutions.





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