Modeling foreign language professional activitiesTourism in the learning environment of a non-linguistic university


  • GN Kismetova Республика Казахстан
  • ZE Bismanova Республика Казахстан


Abstract: The article discusses the theoretical foundations of the formation of strategies for taking foreign language non-linguistic university students, you revealed the specificity of modeling foreign professional activities of the tourism sector in the learning environment of a non-linguistic university. The author notes the importance of the component of foreign language communicative competence in the field of professional communication, various types and genres of discourses, the rules for their construction, as well as the ability to create and understand them taking into account the situation of communication. Key words: tourism, guide, tourists, tourist discourse, frames, briefing, excursion story, hotel, transport, touring , advertising               The need to refer in this study to the question of is dictated by the fact that the construction and use of models by allows you to respond vigorously to external and internal changes in the educational process related to the needs of graduates, requirements from the labor market, society, state, changes in standards and norms for which The university is oriented in the process of preparing future personnel for a particular industry, including the tourism business . The ability to replace elements in constructed models allows researchers and practitioners to develop an adaptive learning strategy. Ideas for modeling contradict the currently relevant competence approach, and combined with him. In modern pedagogical science, the model approach is becoming widespread, which is expressed in the active use of models in all its branches and stages [1. p .304] .               The modeling process we consider in the classical system, takes into account interrelation with the profession and in the direction of training 5В090200 Tourism, which determines the general cultural and professional competencies of the graduate.               Modeling is a general scientific method of research of any phenomena, which consists in the construction and study of specific objects, systems - models of other objects - originals [2. p.448] .               In philosophy, a model is understood as “such a mentally imagined or materially realized system that, by displaying or reproducing an object of research, is capable of replacing it so that its study gives us but information about this object ”[3. p.44] . In this definition They emphasize the epistemological role of models.              


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