Problems, stages and prospects of development of crediting in Kazakhstan


  • АА Ержанова Республика Казахстан


Transformations in the economy of Kazakhstan contributed to the creation of the banking system of Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan's banking system is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy, which is of great practical importance in solving the problems of the economy of Kazakhstan. In the development of the economy, the key role was played by small and medium-sized businesses, the development of which is closely linked to lending, which is the main source of replenishment of working capital of companies. And here the formation of conditions for optimal taxation of small and medium-sized businesses is of great importance. In connection with the increased needs in modern conditions, namely the need to purchase cell phones, computers, household appliances, without which it is currently not enough. There is a growing demand for credit products from young families, civil servants, pensioners and students. And here to help residents become Express loans and POS-lending, allowing for the shortest possible time to get rid of the material difficulties that distinguish them from other types of lending. In large shopping centers there were departments of banks. Competition among banks to attract customers has increased. There is a need to improve special programs for loans using discounts from trade organizations. For the more active development of Express lending and retail lending (POS-lending), the product line of POS-lending continues to be improved: the creation of more flexible rates and credit conditions. To expand the customer base, many banks cancel commissions for cashing out funds from accounts for the use of credit, for the issuance of credit, as well as for the transfer of credit payment from the account of another Bank. In order to be accessible to the residents of Kazakhstan, microcredit is developing. In order to make loans economically feasible, banks have gone to simplify the procedure: the loan without collateral, the requirement of one document, which contributes to the interest of customers. People with low income have the opportunity to get even small money, which you can start a business: buy equipment, tools and equipment, open workshops, shops, salons. In order to stimulate the formation and economic growth of small and medium-sized businesses in the country in 1997 started to work JSC "entrepreneurship development Fund "Damu". Thus, young entrepreneurs will be able to receive guarantees of the Fund without restrictions on activities. The amount of guarantees for start-up entrepreneurs is 70% of the loan amount. For example, they can get a loan in the amount of 20 million tenge for a third of collateral. The missing security will be provided by the guarantee of the Fund. The use of such a business support tool as credit guarantee has affected the growth of local entrepreneurs. These measures contributed to the active development of youth entrepreneurship in the field of trade, catering and other activities [1]. To stimulate productivity increase in the sectors of the economy, the program on large – scale modernization of existing enterprises "Productivity 2020", developed in the framework of the President's address to the people of Kazakhstan "New decade – New economic growth-new opportunities of Kazakhstan" was adopted.


The concept of development of the financial sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2030, approved by the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan from 29 August 2014 № 954.

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